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4th of July ROOKIE Guide

Golf Clash Tournament guide for the 4th of July Tournament in the Rookie division. Step by step guide with various PRE TOURNAMENT RANDOM WIND intended as a starting point for all types of rookie players.

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โฉ **Timestamps**
0:00 Hole 1
1:35 Hole 2
3:10 Hole 3
4:38 Hole 4
5:25 Hole 5
7:00 Hole 6
8:32 Hole 7
9:58 Hole 8
11:37 Hole 9 Conservative
13:05 Hole 9 Send It

#ErelicGaming #GolfClash

H1 ,,master,, Eagle you can get hio,,First round 4TH JULY Golf Clash

Golf Clash – California Tournament – Master – Prizechests Opening – ๐Ÿฅ‡,๐Ÿฅˆ and 5th place * 2!