Aimbot In Golf Clash – The Truth!!!

golf clash account suspended

It’s often rumored and you probably also heard here and there about the aimbot in Golf Clash – some hack that will get you perfect shots that always find their target in a magical way.

At some point I wanted to get more info on that, not because I wanted to actually use it, just to see if it exists actually and if it deas, how effective it is and how you can see of your opponent uses it 🙂

Who else have seen some really weird opponents that suddenly dropped a magical shot that turned the whole match?!

AimBot In Golf Clash – Does It Exist?

What do you need for an aimbot? The bot needs to:

  • Recognize the perfect route to the hole, there are plenty of courses that require more than one hit
  • Calculate the wind and the underground (plus if the ground is flat)
  • Adapt the point
  • Hit a perfect shot

That sounds like a lot that bit has to do.

The difference between a bot and a hack is – a hack will change the game files so things that aren’t possible can be done, while a bot only acts like a human player but more precisely.

I actually doubted that such a thing really is possible – just because the requirements are so much that I can’t believe that anyone invests that much time into something that is not legal to use.

I spend literally hours on the internet and especially in forums and haven’t found one single bot that is capable of doing that! All I found was fraud and other things that primarily wanted to steal my data or infect my device in some way and some bots that will do perfect shots for you, that’s it.

golf clash account suspended

So, would you risk your account getting banned to get some more perfect shots more while this is actually not really hard to do?

Why You Don’t Need No Aimbot In Golf Clash

Let’s be honest, Golf Clash is a game and if you would use an aimbot (or anybody would), there would only be bots playing the game – and the fun part is not having anything, the fun part is GETTING it.

Also, if you understand some basic things there’s no need to use such a bot (even when it would exist).

You can aim your shots yourself pretty well if you start to understand how accuracy and especially the wind works in Golf Clash – I’ve written several guides on that here on the website already.

Plus it’s not that hard to get a perfect shot if you know how to do it and have some patience doing it.

There’s not much more that I can recommend you to stop thinking about it and start playing the game how it’s intended to and have fun 🙂

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