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  • golf clash ball guide

    Golf Clash Ball Guide – Which Ball To Use

    Balls don’t get the same attention in Golf Clash as clubs, although they also add special things to your game – the reason is that, except the standard ball, all balls needs to be bought for Gems. At a certain point you will actually need to use them because all of your opponents will use […] More

  • golf clash golden shot

    The Golden Shot Guide (How To Score)

    Every here and than the Golden Shot event hosts in Golf Clash and you can win some nice prizes there – the problem is, you onle have one free shot and from there on you will need to pay real money for additional shots. Even though the prizes are nice, you can potentially miss a […] More

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    Use Curl In Golf Clash Correctly

    I already made a guide on how to adjust to wind in Golf Clash and also how to use the spin – and the last guide in this section will be about curling. So, first of all, not many use curl actually and it’s not that obvious to use like for example adjusting the wind […] More

  • golf clash rigged

    Is Golf Clash Rigged?!

    Ok this is a topic that has been going on for a long time and I thought it’s useful to get all the facts together and bring some light into the dark – we’re talking about if Golf Clash is rigged, so prepare for the comment section below to discuss this as well. So, many […] More

  • golf clash coins guide

    Golf Clash Bankroll Guide (Best Way To Get Coins)

    Coins are the life elixir in Golf Clash as you need them for pretty much anything, from upgrading your clubs to the entry fee for tours – without Coins, there’s no way you have success in the game. I always see people going broke in Golf Clash and being frustrated – but they all have […] More

  • best clubs in golf clash

    Get These Clubs In Golf Clash (Upgrading Guide)

    A player is never better than his equipment and especially in Golf Clash, that is right. I see so many people getting a new club and dumping so many coins into upgrading them just for finding out that they aren’t that great after all – a horrible situation! Don’t regret wasting coins, simply focus on […] More

  • golf clash perfect shot guide

    Perfect Shot Every Time Guide in Golf Clash

    So you have just done a lot of adjustment to where your ball will land,  adjusted the wind, set some curl and you’re so sure you’re going to make a great hit, but then… you miss the perfect point to hit and everything is going down the toilet (metaphorically). Aiming your shots in Golf Clash […] More

  • golf clash wind guide

    Golf Clash Wind Guide Without Endless Charts

    Golf Clash could be so easy… if there wouldn’t be the wind messing with our hits. If you can’t deal with the wind properly in Golf Clash, you have almost no chance of winning. Shouldn’t be a problem right? There are dozens of endless wind charts and guides out there explaining it to you. And […] More

  • golf clash life hacks

    Golf Clash Life Hacks & Hack Review

    So many people ask me for hacks to use in Golf Clash and I already heard some really surprising stories so I decided to give it a shot and try all of them myself and give you a review here how they work. After all, I found that I needed to divide this review in […] More