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  • get gems in golf clash

    How To Get Gems & Best Ways To Spend Them

    Gems are the premium currency in Golf Clash and there’s no way you can ignore it – later in the game you actually need to to compete with the other player, especially for getting better balls or some legendary cues from the shop that you simply can’t level up without buying them. As there’s a […] More

  • golf clash tournament guide

    Full Guide To Win Tournaments

    Tournaments are, in my opinion, the game modes that not only rewards the highest prizes – it also makes the most fun because it’s a lot more competitive than playing regular 1-on-1 matches that can get boring. I wanted to write a full guide on how to win tournaments will all my experience as well […] More

  • banners in golf clash

    Golf Clash Banners & What They Mean

    You already might have noticed that your opponent has a different banner around his player picture than you have, right? Well, that’s a banner and there’s more than simply some aesthetic reason for that in Golf Clash. In this guide I will show you all you need to know about the different banners as well […] More

  • golf clash free coins farming guide

    How To Get Free Coins Routine

    It’s amazing how many player in Golf Clash went bancrupt and smashed all thier Coins against the wall  – often enough within a losing streak. I also head many stories about people quitting the game after a long period because they haven’t been able to recover and didn’t want to grind weeks to get back […] More

  • golf clash spin guide

    Golf Clash Spin Guide

    Using spin is something that people start using at last in Golf Clash but also the skill to have if you want to constantly beat the higher tours. I’m not sure why so many people avoid using spin for a long time until they start using it, I can only explain it to me with […] More

  • golf clash accuracy

    What’s Accuracy In Golf Clash?

    Let’s talk about accuracy for a moment because I’ve heard some really weird things about it lately and thought it will be helful for you guys if I will post about it. Accuracy is one of the key stats in Golf Clash and you really need to understand it to actually know what club to […] More

  • golf clash shootout guide & holes

    Shootout Holes & Tips To Win The Shootouts

    The higher the Tour you play gets in Golf Clash, the more common shootouts will become to determine the winner. Tour 8/9+ I’d say half of all matches are settled by a shootout and so your win rate (and therefore your progress and Coins you get) is determined how well you perform in the shootouts. […] More

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