Full Guide To Win Tournaments

golf clash tournament guide

Tournaments are, in my opinion, the game modes that not only rewards the highest prizes – it also makes the most fun because it’s a lot more competitive than playing regular 1-on-1 matches that can get boring.

I wanted to write a full guide on how to win tournaments will all my experience as well as other players experience and tips to give you an ultimate guide that will help you getting further in torunaments or even walk away with a nice new banner.

How To Win Tournaments Step By Step

So this guide will follow the timely order in which the tournament itself happens so you can actually follow it step by step and what you need to do – I can’t do it for you, but I can help you by showing you how to do it 😉

I also have a frequently updated list where I keep the upcoming tournaments as well as tips how to play them here – check it out 🙂


General Mindset Tips & Preparation

Before we jump into the qualification of the tournament, I’d like to give you one important tip that helped me a lot when I started out playing tournaments:

The most important thing is to take risks at several points – no risk no gain. If you play it savely you will never make Top 10 in the end because others will take these risks and score them.

This doesn’t mean that you should go nuts all over the place trying the craziest drives all the time, but at some point you need to risk something.

How To Qualify

Many players see the Qualification Round on Monday – Wednesday pretty easily, but that’s the most important period of each tournament where you set the foundation of your success later.

You have three tries to Qualify, one each day, until you need to pay money for additional tries.

Under regular circumstances you should always qualify but here’s what you do step-by-tep.

Tournament Announcement

Tournaments are often announced a few days prior to the start – at this point you should prepare yourself for the tournament. Check sources like YouTube or my tournament ticker to see what holes you will expect as well as what wind conditions. See the holes and the strategy to play them and what clubs will work best.

Don’t start the first day cold and unprepared!

tournament schedule

Day 1

This is normally the “practice day” for me – I never go for qualification here – I use this try to get in touch with the course as well as trying out some things to see what works and what not. There are two more days left so no need to qualify now and then wait two more days to qualify!

Day 2

Today you can go for qualification with your learnings from the first day of qualification. Normally you should qualify for the tournament today if nothing bad happens – otherwise you have the tird day to qualify.

Day 3

Still not qualified? Ok, today is the day you really need to focus and take all your mistakes from the first two days into account. If your gear is not as good to make it you should know that by now and take risks (unless you want to pay money for the premium tournament gear).

Opening Round

Now it gets serious, you’re matched together with 99 other Golf Clash players and need to play each of the 9 holes from the qualification round twice (1-9 and then 1-9 again).

You need to get into the Top 50 to move on to the Weekend Round where you can really win nice prizes and banners.

I don’t recommend starting too early here and rather let the others play a little bit to get an idea how strong they are – this will give you a good indication how many risks you need to take to proceed to the Weekend Round of the tournament.

Also, if you already had problems with your gear in the qualification round you will struggle here more with more wind being in play and opponents being stronger – at this point you might need to consider buying the tournament gear for real money if you really want to get that banner 🙁

Weekend Round

2nd place in tournament in golf clashNever open the game early after the Weekend Round starts! You will get matched instantly when you start Golf Clash and those who do that are normally the very active players.

The later you start the game the higher your chances you get matched with players that aren’t that active and that will give you an advantage – there’s no guarantuee that this happens every time but in many tournaments it happened to me that I never even got a full 100 player roaster 🙂 You don’t lose that much (except some chests) but it’s worth it in the end if you ask me.

In general, this is the day to take risks. Playing it save won’t get you close to the Top 10 and it doesn’t matter much if you make 11th or 39th now, you still get the prize chest. Push strong and take neccessary risks and also accept if they fail – often enough you will make it further 🙂

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