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Golf Clash: -22 Video Guide | The Big Game Pro Qualification Round

This video stands as a video guide, the text notes can be accessed via Patreon

We are going on a deep dive on The Big Game Tournament in Golf Clash on Pro division for the Qualification Round
We are playing only tailwinds on the Eagle Peak, Juniper Point, and Milano courses. All the holes had been dropped in practice and also for real.
Having only Par 4’s and Par 5’s the scores will be very low and hard to compete, with this video guide you will have a major boost in score.

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Golf Clash is a competitive game and we will find ourselves in hard or easy brackets depending on our skill level sometimes it is easy to qualify, and sometimes not that easy but with the help of my guides you will always do great if you can hit those perfect shots.

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Master, QR Hole 6 – Par 4, EAGLE – The Big Game Tournament, *Golf Clash Guide*

Master, QR Hole 8 – Par 4, EAGLE – The Big Game Tournament, *Golf Clash Guide*