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Golf Clash – Backpacking 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 1, Eagle – Final/Weekend Round!

Drive: Apocalypse 5+ with an albatross ball or a Luminary Ball or a P5W4 ball. We need minimum sidespin 1.
Start with P3 NMT and switch to either of the above-mentioned balls. Apply 7 TS and 1 RS and adjust max+10% P3. Alternatively, Apoc 5 can push up 5 yards after adjustment if not willing to spend an albatross ball. Target 412+

Second shot: Thorn Pin Check + 30% P4.
Perform pin check and use +7 as the base 100% slider.
Apply 8 BS and 0.5 LS and aim BG right side of the cup (as shown in the video for W4 ball. For luminary 0.2 rings extra offset. Consider practice token to tweak offset if necessary)
Add or subtract 0.1-0.2-0.3 etc from pin check. For example, +8 will be +0.1, +5 will be -0.2, etc.

Hole 1 (Eagle) – EXPERT Final Round | Backpacking 9-Hole Cup | Jamil Dunes | Golf Clash

Hole 2 – EXPERT Final Round | Backpacking 9-Hole Cup | Koh Hong Resort | Golf Clash