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Golf Clash – Backpacking 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 2, Hole in One – Final/Weekend Round!

Cataclysm 5+ with a Kingslayer.
Start with a sniper and find the landing position as per screenshot 1 and then change to Cataclysm.
NO SPIN shot.
Adjust Max+40% P0 #s and make wind angle tweaks as below:
Black WA (in between two palm trees) – No curl
Red WA (in between black and blue WAs) – 1 click left curl
Blue WA (in between red and yellow WAs) – 2 clicks left curl
Yellow WA (aiming at the right palm tree) – 3 click left curl
Perfect hit.

Hole 4 (HIO) – EXPERT Final Round | Backpacking 9-Hole Cup | Acacia Reserve | Golf Clash

Hole 5 (Eagle) – EXPERT Final Round | Backpacking 9-Hole Cup | Koh Hong Resort | Golf Clash