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Golf Clash – Backpacking 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 3 – Final/Weekend Round!

Apoc 5+ with a Luminary or a P5W4 ball. Apoc 5 and 6 should consider P5W4 in order to apply less OP on the drive.
At P3 max, add 7 TS and 0.5 LS and have the BG center down the next fairway as shown. Then switch to either of the above-mentioned balls.
Adjust max+10% P5. Apply OP as necessary. Perfect hit. +/- 375 yards

Second shot:
Use +12 landing position plus yardage as base for 81% slider and then add/subtract decimal places as needed. For example, +11 will be -0.1, +13 will be +0.1 and so on…
Apply 2 RS only and keep BG 0.5 GS short of pin.
Adjust landing position plus yardage slider +10% P5.
Apply clicks of right curl in heavy cross winds.
Hit perfect.

Hole 5 (Eagle) – EXPERT Final Round | Backpacking 9-Hole Cup | Koh Hong Resort | Golf Clash

Golf Clash – Backpacking 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 4 – Final/Weekend Round!