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Golf Clash – Backpacking 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 6 – Final/Weekend Round!

Drive: Apocalypse 5+ with a Luminary ball. Apoc 5 and 6 users consider P5W4 ball as you have less TS on your drivers.
Start with a titan ball at P3 max line keeping the red ring touching the rough on right. Apply 7 TS and 2 RS. Then switch to a luminary/P5W4 ball. Adjust max+10% P5. Half ball right curl with max OP! Hit perfect. +/- 355 yards.

Second shot: Cataclysm 7+ or Horizon 5+
Keep the yellow ring somewhere near rough on the right and then apply BS and RS to have BG going through the back of the cup. Adjust max+0% P5. Center and hit perfect.

Hole 9 – EXPERT Final Round | Backpacking 9-Hole Cup | Acacia Reserve | Golf Clash

Golf Clash – Backpacking 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 7, Hole in One – Final/Weekend Round!