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Golf Clash – Backpacking 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 9, Safe Eagle – Final/Weekend Round!

Consider practice tokens before playing this hole. Difficult cross-headwind. One mistake and poof – Birdie! If elevations are too strong on the second shot, then reduce based on your practice attempts.

Apocs 5&6 – Albatross ball HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Apocs 7&8 – Luminary ball
Apply max TS and 2 RS and find the position at +11 yard mark where the BG forms on the next fairway after clipping the rough on the second bounce. Adjust max+20% P3. Apply 2 rings of additional OP to what you adjust into. Hit perfect! Great lefts are OK but great rights are not. +/- 365 yards.

Second shot: Cataclysm 7+, Big Dawg 8+, Horizon 6+
Apply max TS and 2 RS and aim the second bounce in the middle of the rough patch surrounding the bunker. Adjust max+15% P4. Hit perfect.

Third shot:
Regular EB school method at 25%.
I played 25% elevation at 35% slider with BG 0.5 GS through hole.

Hole 2 expert 💯HIO💯final round backpacking 9-hole cup

Backpacking 9-Hole Cup WR Hole 4 Expert Division #GolfClash # Backpacking