Golf Clash Ball Guide – Which Ball To Use

golf clash ball guide

Balls don’t get the same attention in Golf Clash as clubs, although they also add special things to your game – the reason is that, except the standard ball, all balls needs to be bought for Gems. At a certain point you will actually need to use them because all of your opponents will use them but that can end you up having no Gems left… and that’s why I wrote this guide here, to show you what balls you use and how you can succeed in Golf Clash without spending a fortune on them.

golf clash balls

Balls In Golf Clash

Balls have no stats like you know it from the clubs – they simply have some benefits they will add to your play when using them in the Level 1-3 (for regular balls) and up to level 5 for some seasonal or special event balls:

  • Wind Resistance – this will lower the impact that wind has on your ball while in the air
  • Sidespin – this will alow you to actually use sidespin (you only can use top spin and back spin when your ball hasn’t that benefit)
  • Power – this lets you hit the ball on a larger distance

Of course when you ask for the best ball over all, it’s the Kingmaker – simplye because it has Wend Resistance III, Sidespin III and Power III.

The downside is, 9 balls of the Kingmaker will cost you 650 Gems so you can’t use it all the time unless you plan to spend a small fortune on the game 😉

The secret is to use the right ball in the right situation and not the best overall ball all the time.

If you have a strong wind but no long distance or the need of sidespin, there’s no use to use the Kingmaker when you can use for example the Navigator that only costs 60 Gems for 9 balls.

So what I did is give you an over view of the regular balls you can get all the time (not just seasonal) in Golf Clash to help you save some Gems here 🙂

All Balls Ranked (For Tours)

First things first, this ranking here is not 100% in order and you can always discuss as it also reflects my personal opinion – if you have some reasons to believe i’m wrong, please drop a comment below and we can discuss it 🙂

Tour 1 – Tour 5

Please do not use any other ball than the Basic Ball! There’s absolutely no need to use any other ball and your opponents will also not do that (and if so, ignore it and use the Basic Ball anyway).

The courses are not that difficult and you still will get good results with it.

Tour 6 & Tour 7

marlin ballIf you have decent clubs and have them leveled up to a solid level you will be fine still using the Basic Ball most of the time, both tours are beatable with it. I know you will come along opponents that start using.

I also recommend you to get some Marlin Balls for the simple reason that you will have several situations where the sidespin is needed and the wind resistance also comes in handy when there’s a strong win. And for 25 Gems per 9 Balls it’s not that crazy expensive.

Tour 8 & Tour 9

quasar ballMost commonly used you will see the Quasar Ball here in this tours in Golf Clash and that’s for a reason – it simply has the best price for the Sidespin II for 60 Gems so it’s affordable and effective at the same time. You should make this your primary ball when playing these tours.

It’s also good to have some Titan Balls in your bag if you need to deal with strong head winds but the Quasar will get you save through most of the situations here.

Tour 10 & Tour 11

Now here comes the real point of discussion and I think that some might disagree with me but I think my strategy here works (and is cheapest).

First of all, I don’t use the Basic Ball here, maybe very rarely when I have perfect tail wind conditions but that’s it.

titan ballThe best one to use here is the Titan Ball, also because it’s relatively cheap compared to the Kingmaker (180 Gems vs 650 Gems for 9 balls) and it’s only one level lower in Sidespin (that you won’t make much use of anyway if it’s II or III) and power.

Of course the Kingmaker is the best ball but I personally don’t use it that much for the simple reason that it’s so crazy expensive and the additional sidespin and power only have extremely rare situations where they will give me a huge benefit so I absolutely save them when getting them in a chest and never spend any Gems on it. The only situation where I use it is when there’s a strong head wind, that’s where you will really get a huge bonus from using it.

PS: If you don’t have any of them left, you can use the Navigator Ball as worst-case scenario backup but you need to be very skilled to win in these tours with it.


I hope this guide helps you finding the right ball to use without overspending Gems and still crushing the tours you’re playing 🙂

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