Golf Clash Ball Reveal – Luminary and Kingslayer!

We’re very pleased to reveal the new Luminary and Kingslayer balls!

The Kingmaker has been bested by the Kingslayer!

Like it’s forbear it has 3 power and 3 overpower needle stability, but here’s why it takes the crown: It has an additional point in BOTH Sidespin and Wind resistance! The King is dead. Long live the King!

The Luminary ball is an exclusive reward for a top 100 finish in Master, which, like the Berserker has MAXIMUM Power and 2 overpower needle stability. But where the Berserker had weaknesses, the Luminary ball shines bright, with and additional stat in both Sidespin and Wind Resistance.
When power is paramount but accuracy can’t be sacrificed, you can trust in the Luminary to show you the way home.

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