Golf Clash Bankroll Guide (Best Way To Get Coins)

golf clash coins guide

Coins are the life elixir in Golf Clash as you need them for pretty much anything, from upgrading your clubs to the entry fee for tours – without Coins, there’s no way you have success in the game.

I always see people going broke in Golf Clash and being frustrated – but they all have one thing in common: they simply don’t stick to good bankroll management.

The only way to really get Coins in Golf Clash is by winning in the tours.

I never have been broke and grinding lower tours to get back up and the simple reason is that I use bankroll management that will prevent that I will go broke.

And this ultimately leads me to make more coins because I can play in higher tours consistently and not being forced to move to lower tours where I get fewer coins for the same amount of time spent.

Bankroll Management = More Coins

It’s pretty easy, if you don’t waste your time in the lower tours you will get on average more coins for the same amount of matches played.

I see so many people having enough coins for a higher tour and immediately jumping into that tour, losing the first match and starting to grind a lower tour again.

This is like taking all your money to the casino and putting it all on black in roulette and hoping.

That’s why you need bankroll management.

winning a tour in golf clash to get coins

What Is Bankroll Management?

Originally this comes from poker and says how many buy-ins you need to play a certain stake comfortably without being endangered to get broke.

Adapting this to Gold Clash this means that you won’t play a tour until you have a certain amount of tour buy-ins stored up.

Let’s say you win 60% of your matches in Golf Clash, chances that you will lose is

  • lose one is 40%
  • two in a row is 16%
  • three in a row is 6.4%

The higher the tours get, the better your opponents will be and the better their equipment. So 60% is only applicable for lower tours. In higher tours, you will more win like 52-55% of your matches.

Now the figures of a losing streak are more like:

  • lose one is 45-48%
  • two in a row is 20-23%
  • three in a row is 9-11%

Now you also add up that you’re always psychologically a little less winning, simply because you get harder opponents and you will take fewer risks because you’re really after your coins.

That’s why you should always have 5-6 buy-ins for a tour to play it. I know this sounds like a hard grind, but moving up and down all the time is not better.

You might think, well, why not grinding one buy-in and if you lose grind the next buy-in?

The reason is that you will drop to zero and need to grind the lowest tours right away. If you are playing Tour 5 and want to move up to Tour 6 and have the buy-in for Tour 6 and lose, you start grinding at Tour 1 again which takes a lot more matches to grind up to Tour 5 again.

Save yourself all that trouble grinding coins in lower levels and save up the coins to really move up to the higher tour.

If you really want to be secure, you actually rather want to grind 10 buy-ins from Tour 5+

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