Golf Clash Banners & What They Mean

banners in golf clash

You already might have noticed that your opponent has a different banner around his player picture than you have, right? Well, that’s a banner and there’s more than simply some aesthetic reason for that in Golf Clash.

In this guide I will show you all you need to know about the different banners as well as how to get them yourself.

Banners In Golf Clash

banners in golf clash difference

You see the difference between the two banners, right?

Well, the color tells what division the player is in, Rookie, Pro, Expert or Master – in this case it’s green because it’s the Rookie Division.

The ones without the border mean that the player did qualify in the tournament Qualifier Rounds but didn’t place during the weekend (player on the left).

The player on the right has the grey border which means he not only qualified for the opening round, he also made it to the weekend final round but didn’t place there in the Top 10.

There’s also one that shows a notch, this means that tournament has been a major one πŸ™‚

Maybe it helps to shouw you all possible banners in this official infographic:

different banners in golf clash

So, every tournament you take part in will give you such a banner but you need to at least qualify for it – reason enough to try best, right?

Is qualifying hard?

Actually not. You have 3 Qualifier Rounds, one on each day from Monday – Wednesday so three times where you can qualify. Try your best to get a very low score to make it to the Opening Round and you’re in and already get the Qualifier Banner.


From here on it gets a little more complicated to earn the other banners – I’ve written a full guide on winning tournaments here that will help you for sure πŸ™‚

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