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Golf Clash: Booms for Boomer HIO!

Golf Clash: Booms for Boomer HIO!

Boomer HIO bio:

Boomer served in the United States National Guard from 1971 – 1977. After his service he drove Semi-Trucks for 28 years. In Boomer’s own words the highlight of his life was Roller Skating with his partner (pictured below). Boomer has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Boomer has played Golf Clash for the past 4 years.
He’s spent the majority of that time in numerous 19th Family clans and other clans playing alongside some of the great friends he has made through the game.
Most people know Boomer from his massive presence in the GC streaming community. He’s subscribed, supported, donated, and moderated to anyone and everyone who streams finger golf.

On Tuesday, July 12th Boomer had a procedure done to help diagnose some medical issues he’s had recently. On Thursday, July 14th he received the news that he has Stage 3 lung cancer. Since his diagnosis he has met with one of the best Oncologists in the state of Kentucky. Boomer has had full-body scans, MRIs, and other tests done to help determine where all the cancer is located. He will undergo chemotherapy and targeted radiation to help fight this horrible disease. Boomer will undergo chemo and radiation 5 days a week, his treatments start in the next 2 weeks.

Since the day of the procedure long time friend of Boomers’ and steamer Nuckin’ Futz has been doing streams and collecting donations for Boomer. Since then multiple others have been posting the donation links for Boomer during their live streams.

If you’d like to help show some support to Boomer you can send donations to the Go Fund Me Link below

All start times are EST PM

12:00 Nuckin’ Futz
1:00 Nuckin’ Futz
2:00 Vibez 420
3:00 Dale Appleby
4:00 Rock Wood
5:00 Tom Sawyer
6:00 Ballbreakers & WPT
7:00 Ballbreakers & WPT
8:00 Paws & Putts
9:00 GC JarHead & Abz
10:00 GC JarHead & Abz
11:00 ItsRJTV
Midnight Gedda Hedda
1:00 GC Josh
2:00 GC Josh
3:00 Erelic Gaming
4:00 Erelic Gaming
5:00 Erelic Gaming

✅ Gmail: [email protected]

#ErelicGaming #GolfClash

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