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Golf Clash: Grizzly Tournament OR -21 Front 9 Guide | Pro division

Welcome to another walkthrough video for the Pro division in golf clash for the Grizzly tournament
This walkthrough can stand for a guide every detail is explained and created for regular pro club players and can be adapted for high-end clubs as well

Pro OR guide can be accessed on Tommy’s Patreon

The course we are playing is the Milano course, Currently, the course can be played on any tour

00:00 INTRO
00:37 HOLE 1
03:09 HOLE 2
04:40 HOLE 3
06:49 HOLE 4
08:15 HOLE 5
11:05 HOLE 6
13:40 HOLE 7
15:07 HOLE 8
16:51 HOLE 9

This contains the wind that we have in the qualifying round of this tournament
The Eagle Peak course in the Grizzly tournament has been here a while now and we tested all the approaches during the tournaments and tour play

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Thanks and good luck on your Opening round for the Grizzly

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