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Golf Clash Life Hacks & Hack Review

golf clash life hacks

So many people ask me for hacks to use in Golf Clash and I already heard some really surprising stories so I decided to give it a shot and try all of them myself and give you a review here how they work.

After all, I found that I needed to divide this review in two sections, one covering the life hacks, these are hacks that work in the game mechanics in Golf Clash and are super helpful to use – and one with the ones using 3rd party toolsthat are not only hurting fair play but also can put your account in danger.

I can tell you now that there are some really interesting things that I found 🙂

Life Hacks in Golf Clash – Make Sure To Use Them

Here are only the hacks that use the game mechanics and are completely legal to use – I call them “life hacks”

Life Hack #1 – Bankroll Management

If you don’t want to get broke, you should never ever start a higher tour match unless you have at least 5 buy-ins for that tour.

This is called bankroll management and an awesome hack that will prevent you going broke and having to start at the lowest tours again. The reason is simple, you will be able to get over some lost matches without having to move down and grind up all the way.

This will save you not only a lot of time but also a lot of matches on your way to the highest tour.

Life Hack #2 – Tik Tok

Hitting the perfect shot isn’t easy in Golf Clash, especially when your ball is in the sand or you need to overpower it.

There’s a simple life hack always saying tik…tok… when the arrow moves over the perfect hit spot. After a few times, your brain has a rhythm that will let you hit the ball in the perfect moment without even looking (well, you can still look).

Try it out, it made me hit the difficult balls perfectly like 80-90% of the times with just a little practice.

Life Hack #3 – Wind Adjustment

Forget about the difficult wind charts and get an easy formula that will help you adjust the wind perfectly without these comprehend charts next to your display.

For every 10 points of accuracy, your golf club has, you need to adjust 0.2 rings per wind unit.

If your club has an accuracy of 30 and the wind is 5, you adjust 3 full rings

If your club has an accuracy of 70 and the wind is 2.5, you adjust 2 rings

and so on…

I know it sounds complicated at first, but I have a more detailed guide about this strategy here.

Life Hack #4 – More Gold Chests

Even when not statistically proven, this has been reported many times… when you have all your chest slots filled and still play more matches the chance of getting a Gold Chest when one chest slot gets free is higher than stopping to play and waiting until it gets free.

This will somehow eliminate the Silver Chests that you would get.

Again, this is not official but too many people reported it to ignore it and who minds playing some extra matches? ????

Cheats & Hacks in Golf Clash – Caution

One word of caution first, these here are against all kinds of fair play and using 3rd party tools that are not allowed in Golf Clash. For educational uses only.

Hack #1 – Gem & Coin Generators

These generators are all over the web and you can find them in many placed. They look pretty professional and let you insert your player tag plus how many Gems and Coins you would like and then will transfer them to your account.

golf clash generator hack tool

After you entered everything a new window pops up and creates a connection to the Golf Clash servers and in the last step you need to download an app or complete a survey to prove that you’re not a bot. All looking nice and everything but after all, I only had little success using them but maybe I did something wrong.

Hack #2 – Auto Perfect Shot / Auto Release Shot

This hack is pretty useful because it will always give you a perfect shot and you can dominate your opponents with it as long as you adjust your shot correctly.

perfect shot hack golf clash

Even when playing out of the sand or when you overpower your shot, you’re always guaranteed to get the perfect shot.

But you actually don’t need a hack for that, I have also written a tutorial on how you can get the perfect shot every time without using it.

Hack #3 – Chest Unlocker Bot

This bot will do nothing else than automatically start unlocking a new chest when one chest unlocked finished, making your account unlocking new chests 24/7. How useful this all sounds, it requires you to run Golf Clash on a device 24/7 so the bot can check the status of your chests.

chest open bot in golf clash

There’s no way to have it unlocking in the background, especially on your phone. I’d rather recommend you to check in frequently and start unlocking a new chests yourself and during night you can unlock a chest that takes many hours so you basically get the same result without using a hack for it (or a secondary device)

Hack #4 – Auto Wind Adjust & Play Bot

This one was the one where I thought it might be the most powerful one – it will automatically start matches and play them and hopefully wins. The bot descriptions said it will adjust to wind and also hit the perfect shots all the time.

After all, I was quite disappointed. The bot did miss a lot and only did very straightforward moves, almost never overpowered the shots and was easy to outplay for opponents on Tour 4 and beyond. Also, the wind adjustment was quite off, don’t know because actually this should be accurate ????

As every entry costs coins, I totally lost more coins that I made and maybe you can have it running at Tour 1 but the profit will not be high enough to take the risk using it and having my tablet running it 24/7.

You rather want to use my easy wind chart formula and play the matches yourself – I think in the long run the profit will be a lot higher ????

golf clash wind guide

Golf Clash Wind Guide Without Endless Charts