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Golf Clash Master FTP Mirage 9-Hole Cup Final Round First Looks

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Memberships on my channel do not grant you access to the written notes. The notes I use are produced by GC Fenzl and the shot team. You can gain access to the notes here:
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Golf Clash Tournament looks are provided to give the community a chance to see the winds and develop a game plan to attack the course. This is a general look for wind directions and not meant as a guide, although you might occasionally pick up a shot or two 🙂 Thank you for watching and please subscribe to the channel.

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Watch the video till the end Hole 3 Master 🔥💯🔥4 HIO🔥💯🔥final 9-Hole Cup Mirage

Master Hole4 Par4 💥2xEagle💥 (Apoc/Sniper/Luminary) Mirage 9-Hole Cup