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Golf Clash – Snow Mountain 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 1, Eagle – Final/Weekend Round!

Drive: Apocalypse 5+
Start with a titan ball at complete P3 max keeping the bullseye at the edge of the rough. Switch to a P5/SS2+/W4+ ball. Apply max TS and 2 RS. Apoc 5 should consider P5/S2/W5 ball with max OP always and Apoc 6 should go max OP always with P5W4 ball.
Adjust max+10% P3 and apply 2 additional rings OP than what you adjust into.
Inner wall left curl. Hit perfect 375-385 yards

Note: Great left will be danger, great right should be safe (untested). If clipping the rough and still on the fairway, push rings from min and then play RFM slider @ 0% P5 settings. 1 ring = 1% slider till 25 rings.

From min line, apply spins to have right side of BG to left side of the pin.
Adjust min+0 P5 and hit perfect.

Rough iron rule plays -40% P5 no spin.

Copy of Golf clash : Friday News Special | Course rotation on season 56

Golf Clash – Snow Mountain 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 2 – Final/Weekend Round!