Golf Clash Spin Guide

golf clash spin guide

Using spin is something that people start using at last in Golf Clash but also the skill to have if you want to constantly beat the higher tours.

I’m not sure why so many people avoid using spin for a long time until they start using it, I can only explain it to me with some wrong rumors out there that spin will have influence on the direction of the ball in the air and making it hard to adjust with wind.

But that’s not true! Spin has no effect on your balls direction in the air 🙂

Attention! Spin will NOT have any impact on the direction of your ball in the air, it will only influence the direction AFTER the first impact with the ground!

Actually, spin is not only quite easy to pick up, it’s also extremely helpful in many sitautions and I will show you some now that you will have over and over.

Let’s go.

How To Use Spin Correctly

When you aim your shots, you have the option to add backspin and topspin – that’s for every ball.

If you want to use sidespin, you will need another ball than the normal ones.

You can add spin when tapping the ball on the screen:

how to add spin in golf clash

The nice thing about spin is, you will directly see how the guideline changes when you change the spin:

image how spin changes the guideline

This makes it quite easy to adapt it.

Using Backspin

There are normally two situations where backspin is really helpful in Golf Clash.

Small Spot Stops:

This is a common case when you need to land the ball on a small piece of fairway and normally your ball would just go through it – the backspin will help breaking the ball and slowing it down faster and keep it where you want it to be.

backspin golf clash

Playing The Ball Into The Hole From Some Distance:

If your ball is not super close to the hole, you typically also want to use some backspin – this is like an insurance in case you miss so the ball won’t roll too far away again and you will always (when not getting the ball into the hole) have it right next to the hole.

backspin to put the ball into the hole

Using Topspin

Topspin is actually only helpful when you need to use the rough or bounce it for the hit you’re about to play. Frontspin will make your ball bounce further so it’s perfect to neutralize the slow down effect that you have in the rough.

using frontspin in golf clash

But be careful, the darker the rough, the harder the slow down effect!

I normally use about 3 units of backspin per color (3 for the lightest color rough, 6 for the darker one and 9 for the darkest)

Using Sidespin

Sidespin is very helpful to adjust your line according to the course layout.

Often times you will see a course where you want to play “around a corner” when there’s a bunker – and sidespin is great (especially in addition to curl) to adjust your line and get further in a direction that will help you.

use sidespin in golf clash

You will also see how sidespin will impact the direction of your ball after the first impact so it’s not hard to use it and add it.

You can also use it to make sure that your ball keeps on the fairway when you do a longer shot and there might be the risk that it will leave the fairway and go to the rough.


As you see, using spin isn’t hard but will have a lot of advantages that you don’t want to miss out – especially backspin. Using sidespin is more a thing in the higher tours where you will also use balls that have sidespin available but I can’t recommend you enough to start using spin as early as possible to gain experience with it 🙂

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