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Golf Clash – Superstar 9 Hole Cup – MASTER – Hole 9, Safe Eagle-Two Options – Final/Weekend Round!

Option 1:
Apoc 5+ and luminary NMT.
From NMT position, apply 0.5-1 LS and 5 TS.
Adjust mid+0% P5 settings.
Hit perfect.
Note: I used 0.5 LS on my drive but there is a possibility of glitch rolling into rough on the drive so I recommend 1 LS to be safe. You can stick to 0.5 LS if you want.
+/- 370 yards

Second shot:
Use full TS/1 bar less than full TS and 1 LS and have the BG center down the fairway.
Adjust max+10% P5
Apply max OP and hit perfect.

Third Shot – Thorn Dunk:
Aim the bullseye at the back of the cup.
Apply max BS
Adjust min-15% P3
Hit perfect.

Option 2 (Aggressive drive and second shot):
Start by keeping the red ring by rough on the right at P5 max.
Adjust max+10% P5 and push up to max.
Full TS (without boost) and 1 RS.
Max OP and max right curl, perfect hit.
442-445 yards. 437 yard drive is also okay.

Second shot:
Apply full TS + boost and 0.5 RS and find a landing spot that will allow you to apply full right curl easily. There is no setup for the second shot as the drive distance varies.
Adjust max+10% P5 but do not adjust too away from fairway.
Apply max right curl and max OP and hit perfect.

Third shot:
Almost straight headwind. Apply full TS + boost and have the BG through the hole and hit perfect.

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Golf Clash : SuperStar FR Expert & Master With Vibez