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Golf Clash : The Big Game Tournament | Qualifying round | Expert

The Big Game Tournament 2024 Qualification round we will play Eagle Peak, Juniper Point and The Milano golf clash courses.
Expert division is playing from the second tee, some shots can be used in Pro as well.
This time around the winds will be tailwinds only

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Golf Clash Streamers
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TG Team
💥TG Radu – General Director
💥Serious Sam – – Head slide maker and shootout creator
💥Jean-Marc – Lead shootout creator
💥Jose Antonio – Lead shootout analyst
💥Ned Dharamshi – Lead testing department
💥Bear Von Weiss – Head marketing research team
also, a lot more inside but there isn’t that much space to mention all of you wonderful people:
Graeme Gee, Ryan, Pinky, Ammer Usman ….

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