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Golf Clash Tour 7 Walkthrough (All Courses With Best Clubs)

Congratulations on reaching Tour 7 in Gold Clash! So, here’s where you will first see some solid opponents so I have written this guide to show you how to win here.

Below you will find all the courses in Tour 7 with the best ways how to play them as well as some recommendations which clubs will work best for each course.


Santa Ventura Walkthrough For Tour 7

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 1Hole 1 (Par 4)

Clubs to use: Thorn / Hornet

There are two ways how you can play this hole. The left one is the traditional one and suitable if you have headwind or crosswinds. bounce the ball on the fairway to get as close to the bunkers in front of the green as you can. Your second hit then will aim directly for the green and the pin and you should manage to get one below par here unless some weird thigns happen.

The right line is the more aggressive approach and I only recommend it with a solid tailwind – you can reach the green with one hit but you need to curl and probably also overpower your shot. At Tour 7 I wouldn’t recommend playing this line except your opponent does make a really strong hit and plays this line as well.

You need some well-upgraded clubs to do it and might also think about using a special ball.

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 2Hole 2 (Par 3)

Club to use: Backbone

You can have a good chance for a hole-in-one here, especially with headwind.

Bounce it on the rough in front of the green (don’t bounce over the bunker!) and set some good backspin to make the ball slow down to prevent coming in too fast. You can also use a wood from the second or third tee if that has more backspin, that totally depends on the clubs you have right now.

The green slopes a little to the right so aim a little bit to the left of the pin

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 3Hole 3 (Par 5)

Club to use: Viper

You can reach the green in two hits when you play the traditional right line – and normally you also would pick that line in Tour 7.

Get as far as you can on the fairway and aim for the part behind the small bunker, that will give you a straight hit on the green in your second hit.

The left line is the more aggressive approach and you can only use it with strong tailwind and you can reach the green in one hit.

What you do is max overpower your shot and max curl to the left when hitting and with some luck you land on the green. The risk is actually not that high, unless you mess up your hit, because you will also land in the fairway if you don’t make it to the green and even in the bunker you catch up your opponent that picked the blue line 🙂

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 4Hole 4 (Par 3)

Club To Use: Backbone

You can use the straightforward approach and let your ball bounce right in front of the bunker to go directly on the green. Please mind that the green is elevated so don’t use too much backspin, with more than slight headwind you probably don’t even need any. Still a little inconsistent to play with the are in front of the bunker not 100% even.

The more aggressive line will let the ball bounce around the bunker on the right side where the ground is more ven but you need to solid curl here and also need a ball that has sidespin or you won’t make it anywhere close to the pin for the hole-in-one.

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 5Hole 5 (Par 5)

Club To Use: Big Dawg

There are two approaches to play this hole at Tour 7 and I would always recommend you to play the blue one, the standard way to play this hole. Bounce the ball as close to the end of the fairway and use enough topspin to make it to the area you can see with the cross in the image to get a staright hit for the green in the second hit.

The red line is the more aggressive line and requires curl and overpowering to get the ball down the fairway a lot more. You won’t make it to the green and need solid tailwind for that. I don’t risk that often but you can get closer to the green and get a chance to eagle or albatross here. Risk is high so I don’t use that often in Tour 7.

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 6Hole 6 (Par 4)

Clubs To Use: Extra Mile/Big Topper (Rookie) or Thor’s Hammer (Pro/Expert)

You have three options here and the win normally will tell you what to do.

With stronger sidewinds, you should always use the right line that can also give you an eagle. Hit straight and use front spin to pass the trees so you will get a clean view on the green in your second hit.

The middle line can be used if you have headwind but no strong side winds. Bounce the ball at the end of the fairway and make it stop on the small piece of fairway. In your second hit you have a short distance and straight part towards the pin and great chances for an eagle.

The left line is the more aggressive approach and can only be used with solid tailwind and no sidewinds but will get you on the green in one hit. You will bounce the ball on the beginning of the small fairway part and curl it decently to get it lined perfectly to bounce on the green with good frontspin.

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 7Hole 7 (Par 3)

Clubs To Use: Backbone or Sniper

The best way to play this hole is the right line, althought the red one will appear easier in the first place. The thing is that the green goes down to the left so you will need to birdie uphill after reaching the green which is harder.

Rather bounce the ball in the small rough on the right and aim for the right side of the green so you don’t have to put for the pin uphill and you can play it smoothly downhill.

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 8Hole 8 (Par 4)

Clubs To Use: Big Dawg or Sniper

If you have no side winds you want to pick the middle line. In case you have headwind you want to go short and then rather overpower your second shot to reach the green.

If you have sidewinds you need to either pick the left or right line – right for wind from left side, left for wind from  right side.

The left line is easier to play but you need to carefully make sure that you don’t land on a spot where trees are in your way or you will not make it to the green in two hits.

The right line is basically the same like the middle line but you will go for the right side fairway directly.

tour 7 - santa venture - hole 9Hole 9 (Par 5)

Clubs To Use: Big Dawg or Cataclysm

You have two options here (the purple line is just a Plan B for the blue line).

The right line shows the normal way to play this hole where you try to go as close to the end of the fairway as possible. If you can reach the green from here you can go for it or bounce over the rough.

If you can’t make it that way, go the purple line to get the best possibility to still birdie this hole at Tour 7.



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  1. Hi, I love your guides! Your Tour 7 guide, however, only displays one course, Santa Ventura. Do you have guides for Koh Hong and Sunshine Glades? Thanks!

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