Golf Clash Tour 9 Walkthrough (All Courses With Best Clubs)

golf clash tour 9 guide

Congratulations on reaching Tour 9 in Gold Clash! So, here’s where you will first see some solid opponents so I have written this guide to show you how to win here.

Below you will find all the courses in Tour 9 with the best ways how to play them as well as some recommendations which clubs will work best for each course.


Greenoch Point Walkthrough For Tour 9

Great Outdoors Tournament - Hole 4

Hole 1 (Par 3)

Clubs To Use: Viper or Sniper

You have three options here, bounce in front or left or right of the bunker to reach for the green.

In front of the bunker (middle line) is the normal way to play this hole in Tour 9 but the rough is not even so don’t expect a chance for a hole-in-one with that line. Bouncing left or right of the bunker is better if you want to directly get a chance for the pin but you need either strong curl and sidespin (left side) or a lot of backspin (right side) to go for the pin or even get an eagle.

tour 8 - Greenoch Point - Hole 2Hole 2 (Par 4)

Clubs To Use: Big Topper or Apocalypse

Without tailwind you will need to take the left line and bounce it safely on the fairway so you get a nice chance for an eagle in your second hit with a short iron.

With solid tailwind you can reach for the green in one shot and get a great chance to eagle or even hole-in-one. Bounce the ball at the end of the fairway on the right with a lot of topspin so it will bounce a second time in the rough right in front of the green. This let the ball smoothly roll on the green and you’re almost done 🙂

tour 8 - Greenoch Point - Hole 3Hole 3 (Par 3)

Clubs To Use: Quarterback/Sniper or Extra Mile/Apocalypse when Leveled Up well

Playing the left side is the normal way to play this hole at Tour 9 and you need to add some good amount of curl and max sidespin.

You want to land the ball at the outside of the green and let it run down towards the pin so also add a little backspin (headwind) or more backspin (tailwind) to not come in too fast.

The right side is trickier to play and you should curl and add frontspin to make it over the bunker. If your direction is right on the green it will smoothly head towards the pin and can get you a hole-in-one.

Great Outdoors Tournament - Hole 5

Hole 4 (Par 4)

Best Clubs To Use: Thorn or Goliath

I’d play this hole either on the left or the right side. The left side would be my choice in case of no strong crosswinds because I can get more yards done while the right side is safer to play but is harder to reach the green in the second hit.

Make sure to use backspin when reaching for the pin and you’ll be fine here.

The middle line should be your choice only if you have very strong tailwind that will glide your curled ball long enough closer to the green.

tour 8 - Greenoch Point - Hole 5Hole 5 (Par 3)

Clubs To Use: Quarterback or Extra Mile

This hole is tricky to play and one of the harder ones in Tour 9 if you ask me. The green slopes down towards the pin so you want to use curl and sidespin to make it curve-in towards the green. From here gravity will take in and glide the ball. Not that easy to send it on the perfect direction for a hole-in-one but you can at least birdie easily.

Great Outdoors Tournament - Hole 3

Hole 6 (Par 5)

Clubs To Use: Big Dawg or Sniper/Cataclysm

The safe play would be to go right and bounce on the fairway and try to get as far as possible (further than the bunker if possible) to reach the green in your second shot.

If you want to risk more you can also go right as far on the fairway as possible and then overpower your second shot with curl to reach for the green and maybe even go for the pin in the second hit. This will give you the victory for sure but you can easy mess up a perfect shot when overpowering in your second shot so make sure you have the skill to do it 😉

tour 8 - Greenoch Point - Hole 7Hole 7 (Par 5)

Clubs To Use: Viper or Sniper

The blue line is the line for you if you have no hard backspin. Avoid the bunker and aim your second shot on the rough next to the green to slowly roll on the green and get your albatross or birdie.

The red line is more difficult and you will direclty bounce on the green with all the backspin you got to roll the ball towards the pin. A higher chance for albatross or even hole-in with your second shot.

Great Outdoors Tournament - Hole 8

Hole 8 (Par 4)

Clubs To Use: Goliath or Extra Mile

In Tour 9 this is the only way I recommend.

You want to bounce the ball over the bunker and add as much topspin and sidespin to the right as possible to reach the green. It’s hard to get a hole-in-one here but if you make it on the green with your drive you will be easily two below par. If you have strong headwin you should play it on the right side and make it on the fairway next to the bunker and then go for the green.

tour 8 - Greenoch Point - Hole 9Hole 9 (Par 5)

Clubs To Use: Big Dawg or Sniper

The blue line is the regular line how you always should play this hole in Tour 9, but sometimes you will come short (especially with strong headwind), so the red line is your Plan B – there’s no advantage in playing the red line, it’s your only way to save it in case you have a bad drive.

The red line will require you to play over the trees and then bounce right in front of the green with max backspin to hopefull stay there. The blue line will get you gently on the green in the second hit with curl and bouncing over the bunker.

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