Golf Clash Walkthrough Tour 1-11 (With Best Clubs For Every Tour)

golf clash walkthrough all tours

I wanted to write this walkthrough to help you improve your game, no matter what tour you’re currently in Golf Clash.

For each tour you will find the best clubs to use and some additional details to every course that is in that tour – I linked also a full walkthrough for every single hole and how to play it perfectly.

Best Clubs For Every Tour

Here you will find a detailed guide for the clubs that you should focus on in every single tour that will work best for the courses you find in these tours.

In each tour section you will also find a link to a full walkthrough for all courses and holes in that tour with the best ways to play them 🙂


Do NOT rush tours unless you have the required bankroll for them! Read here how to never get broke in Golf Clash

Tour 1+2

Actually, play with whatever you get early in the game – opponents are bad and there’s not much to recommend someone who hasn’t that much choices 😉

Just grind your way through these tours and enjoy some horrible opponents that fail miserably ????

Tour 3 (Asia Pacific)

golf clash tour 3 guide

Tour 3 is slowly giving you more options when it comes to clubs but don’t waste any Coins early in the game just you pull some Big Toppers or Grim Reapers (happens pretty often).

The clubs you should focus on are the Extra Mile, the Big Dawg, goliath and also Malibu – they will also help you in later tours so keep your coins together and ignore the other clubs for now until you’ve beaten Tour 3.

I have here a full walkthrough for Tour 3 that will show you how to play every hole – check it out here (coming soon).

Tour 4 (6 Star Hotel)

golf clash tour 4 guide

In Tour 4 it starts to get more difficult in the game for the first time when your opponents start to appear to even think about what they’re doing. Anyway, not really that hard to beat and get the bankroll to move on…

You should either use the Viper or the Big Dawg as wood and it’s worth upgrading at least one of them because they will be useful in many later tours as well. Do not upgrade both simultaneously! This will exceed your Coins, I can promise you that. Some courses are pretty long in Tour 4 and I would prefer the Big Dawg more unless you have more progress on the Viper already.

The Goliath is the long iron of your choice and you can catch up from Tour 3 here and keep it without looking left and right.

Ignore the Hammerhead (for now) and the Down-In-One that you very likely will get, they are not worth any coins right now, still continue using either the Thorn or the Dart, whatever suits you better.

You will get the razor in the next tour so keep using the Roughcutter now but don’t upgrade it too much only if you feel you have big problems with it

Last but not least in this walkthrough, keep the Malibu and upgrade it. It’s the second-best sand wedge in the game and the only better one (Spitfire) is not available for many tours.

Find a full walkthrough for Tour 4 that will show you how to play every hole here as well – check it out here (coming soon).

Tour 5 (World Links)

golf clash tour 5 guide

In Tour 5 you should still stick with your Extra Mile and it will be finde for most courses.

Now it’s also time to work on upgrading your Hammerhead that wasn’t necessary earlier but here you will see a lot of advantage when you do it while walking through this tour.

If you’re looking for a short iron I’d recommend you to use the Hornet, it will work best in this tour. Rough iron is not that important and I barely use it, but the Razor is better due to higher accuracy.

The best sand wedge will still be the Malibu.

Find a full walkthrough for Tour 4 that will show you how to play every hole here as well – check it out here.

Tour 6 (U.S. Champions)

golf clash tour 6 guide

In Tour 6 you really want to level up your Big Dawg club because you can use it for about 80% of all holes so every additional level will help you out a lot. The reason is simple, you have very nice power compared. If you struggle with accuracy, what I know many do, you might want to switch to the Backbone or Saturn. But that depends on how you play and feel when playing this tour.

For the long drives you should still stick with the Extra Mile that you should have upgraded fairly well at this point.

Additionally, you also want to work on upgrading your Backbone because this long iron will also come in handy in many situations – with this setup you’re well-prepped for 90% of all holes and situations.

The best sand wedge will still be the Malibu.

I have here a full guide for Tour 6 that will show you how to play every hole – check it out here.

Tour 7 (Tropic Kings)

golf clash tour 7

You can still stick with the Extra Mile and if you switched to the Backbone in Tour 6 you can also keep it, otherwise you should work on upgrading it as it will get more neccessary in this tour.

The Big Dawg served well so far but the lack of backspin makes it difficult to use in Tour 7 and you will start seeing more and more shootouts to settle the draw where the lack of backspin and not the best accuracy can kill your victory.

The other clubs from the previous tour are still fine to use.

I have here a full guide for Tour 7 that will show you how to play every hole – check it out here.


Tour 8 (Mountain Tour)

golf clash tour 8 guide

I wouldn’t recommend any different clubs than in Tour 7 but keep them upgraded, especially the Extra Mile as every yard counts.

You’ll encounter shootouts basically every single hole unless you or your opponent does some crazy things and they will decide how well you do in this tour.

Don’t feel like playing bad about it, it’s just how Tour 8 works right now and keep up. If you feel like getting stressed take a break and continue later 🙂

I have here a full walkthrough on Tour 8 that will show you how to play every hole – check it out here.

Tour 9 (Platinum Resort)

golf clash tour 9 guide

If you got the Apocalypse by now you can switch over to ut (Level 2+), otherwise keep on using the Extra Mile Level 7. Also the Backbone is one important club to use and have upgraded as far as you can. Both will make sure that you can win the shootouts that still are very common in Tour 8.

I used the Sniper here as wood and kept on using Malibu as sand wedge.

Don’t get confused that the recommendations get shorter now, we’re heading to the final tours and there’s not that much changing anymore rather than upgrading your clubs properly.

This is also a tour when you need to use either Navigators or Quasars as balls! (Read here my ball guide)

Find a full walkthrough for Tour 9 that will show you how to play every hole here as well – check it out here.

Tour 10 (Tour Oceania)

golf clash tour 10 guide

If you can upgrade The Apocalypse to Level 3 you should choose that, otherwise you can use the Extra Mile Level 7 – they are both useful.

Having the Sniper also well-upgraded is really useful for shootouts and I’d switch the Backbone to the Goliath, but only if you can get it to Level 6, otherwise you should run with the Backbone at Level 10

The malibu should still be the best sand wedge you can use (I’m really a fan of it as you can see…) 🙂

Tour 11

Here you should try to get the Apocalypse to Level 5 as fast as possible, you will get wrecked by maxed Apocalypses often times and that’s the only way to hold up – but you’re in the highest tour and at the end of the walkthrough, so waht do you expect? 😉

Upgrade the recommended clubs from Tour 10 as much as you can and prepare for soem really strong and maxed player until you can max out yourself.

Don’t make the mistake and go broke here! Proper bankroll management is so super important or you will find yourself grinding Tour 5-8 for a long time again!

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