How To Get Free Coins Routine

golf clash free coins farming guide

It’s amazing how many player in Golf Clash went bancrupt and smashed all thier Coins against the wall  – often enough within a losing streak. I also head many stories about people quitting the game after a long period because they haven’t been able to recover and didn’t want to grind weeks to get back to the point where they’ve been.

Surprise, I’ve also been there and that’s where I developed a routine that makes it impossible for me to lose all my coins in Golf Clash.

I decided to write that routine here so you can adapt it easily, no matter how long you play Gold Clash or in which Tour you’re currently in.


Best Coin Farming Routine – How Does It Work?

The basics of this routine is getting all the free Coins Golf Clash offers every day for you and pair that with a solid bankroll management that tells you which Tour you can play with your current stock of Coins without risking to go broke – plus minding Tournaments and club upgrades as well (especially the fresh players will appreciate this) 🙂

Sounds good? Let’s jump right into it.

Daily Coins

There are three things that you should always do every day because that’s the most reliable income source of free Coins.

free coins home screen golf clashMake sure to collect your free chest all the time, even if you’re not playing. Simply logging in and collecting takes a few seconds and helps to no miss any of them.

The Pin Chest calculates the Gems and Coins you get based on the pins you played to unlock it – so, the reward will be less if you do the 8 pins in Tour 5 than doing them in Tour 7. This doesn’t mean you should play the highest tour possible to unlock it but if you plan on farming it fast in the lowest Tours you can just let it be because the coins you get from it won’t be worth it ????

The last one is the free offer you might have seen on the side – they aren’t really worth signing up for because you will only get 50 free Coins for every video you watched and if you have around 300k in your bankroll it’s not that much of a deal and you should rather farm a tour than wasting your time there 😉

Overall you will get the most out of Golf Clash in terms of coins is when you also go online a few times a day to collect and start unlocking chests rather than just going online to play.

golf clash free coins gifts

Another important thing is getting your friends list filled and get 10-20k free Coins every day easily. I know it’s hard to have as many friends play Golf Clash but there are tons of communities on Facebook that you can join and they will friend you and send & recieve the free Coins there. Golf Clash Daily Coins is such a group that helped me a lot 🙂

Weekly Coins

tournament rewards golf clashEvery week or every two weeks there’s a tournament in Golf Clash and that’s a great way to not only earn new badges, you can also earn good coins and cards as well if you reach the weekend round already.

Make sure that you always have the coins for the entry fee and you can spend them to take part – qualifying for the tournament is actually not difficult (especially when you follow my detailed hole guides for each tournament and my general tournament guide).

What Tour Can You Actually Play?

Although you only have one bankroll – that’s the total of Coins you own and that’s shown on top of your home screen – you need to divide that into 3 different parts when you ask yourself what Tour you can now comfortably play.

  1. Your Tour Bankroll
  2. Your Tournament Bankroll
  3. The “Cream”

So actually this works like this – to play a Tour you need to have at least 10 full entry fees in your bankroll. Don’t play a Tour without having that or you risk to lose all of your coins. You might now think this is pretty lame, it’s not. I’ve seen players that play Golf Clash for ages and they now a lot more about the game than I do and they went on a 15+ losing streak. Especially in higher tours where your edge is smaller this can happen easily, and it will!

But we should now start from the other side because the Tour Bankroll is the one we do calculate last.

First you need to have your bankroll ready for every tournament that is coming up – as I have shown you above you can make a nice amount of coins and other rewards there. So always have 2 full entry fees for the Qualification Rounds ready if needed plus the fee for about 10 matches. The matches are normally a 50:50 but having some is always making you worry less and take risks where you need to take them without worrying about some coins.

If you play a tournament in the Rookie Division that will be 10k entry for a Qualification Round plus 1k per match – in our calculation that’s 10k + 10k + 10x1k = 30k Coins you should always have at the side.

Now you look at the rest of your bankroll and divide it by 10 – let’s say you have 285k Coins and you substract the 30k for the next tournament you have 255k – this means you can play a tour with an entry fee of 25.5k. Tour 6 has an entry fee of 30k so you could actually not play it and should go for Tour 5 with an entry fee of 10k – your bankroll is pretty high for that but you can play it comfortably.

So not let’s take a look at the “cream” – that’s the coins you can now use to upgrade clubs, in your case that’s 155k you can now spend on upgrading clubs 🙂

It’s pretty easy to use actually so just adapt it and use it for some time and I promise you it will not only make you worry less about coins or a lost match, it will also help you progressing more steady and also win more because you’re not worried and can take some risks that are needed to get to the next level 🙂

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