How To Get Gems & Best Ways To Spend Them

get gems in golf clash

Gems are the premium currency in Golf Clash and there’s no way you can ignore it – later in the game you actually need to to compete with the other player, especially for getting better balls or some legendary cues from the shop that you simply can’t level up without buying them.

As there’s a lot of trash pages out there that recommend you simply wrong things or false information, I decided to put one guide fits all guide on Gems – from how you get them, how to get more and the most efficient way to use your Gems in Golf Clash.


How To Get Free Gems

Let’s not talk about buying Gems with real money, that’s simply too obvious to make a guide, right? 😉

The only two ways that will give you free Gems are the Daily Free Chest and also your Pin Chest (also referred to as Golden Chest)

how to get gems in golf clash

free gems from golden chestHere comes the first myth-buster… no, you will not get any free Gems in Tour Chests! I also heard that you just don’t get Gems from it when instantly opening them with Gems or the other way round – you will get Gems when opening them with Gems.

All not true and belongs in the fairytale land – you simply NEVER get any free Gems from Tour Chests so no need to wait for them there.

The only way is unlocking your Pin Chest by playing your daily matches and always unlock your Free Chest when it becomes available!

Now, that’s only 10 or 20 Gems every day?! ????

No, this will adapt to your progress, so the higher your trophy count and the higher the Tour you play, the more Gems will be inside these chests.

With the recent introduction of Clan Perks you can also get up to 75% more free Gems in them, so try to get into an active and successful Clan that unlocked the perks so you can boost your daily free gems income with it. Players with a really high trophy count and in the highest Tour get 100 free Gems per day easily!

clan perks for extra gems

But now let’s talk on the best strategy to actually get the “biggest bang for your buck (gem)” and make the most out of the Gems you got.

Best Ways To Spend Gems

I didn’t want to go through all the different ways just to show you what ways are not efficiently – I rather use your limited time to show you the best ways to spend your Gems in Golf Clash.

Early Game

You’re playing at Tour 7 and lower and your rare clubs (blue) are lower than Level 9?

Alright, the best way is to speed up your chest opens – this will gain you more Coins and cards for your clubs to upgrade than getting them directly in the shop. The cards you get are random, yes, but you haven’t unlocked that many that it will not pay off.

If you unlock chests, unlock those with the highest unlock time possible – the longer the time the better the gem/time ratio!

1 hour skipped cost you 8 Gems while skipping 8 hours will be 36 Gems (instead of 64 Gems).

By the way, I’ve written here a walkthrough guide that tells you which clubs are working best for each tour – check it out here.

Don’t spend your Gems on special balls, you don’t need them yet – if you struggle work on upgrading your clubs. An upgraded club will help you for many games while a purchased ball will be gone within a few matches!

Mid Game

I normally say this is when you have a trophy range of 2,200 to 3,900 Trophies.

The best thing to do is saving up some gems and get Thor’s Hammer in the daily shop – it can take some days until it appears and check back to get more cards to upgrade it – this club will be a huge help for all your matches.

how to spend gems in golf clash

You can also, depending on the tour you’re in, spend Gems on special balls like Quasars. They are quite cheap like I have shown in my ball guide here.

Skipping opening times for tour chests can still be a good thing if you have more than 100 Gems left (that’s how much one card for Thor’s Hammer costs in the shop and you should always have that amount ready when it appears in the daily shop). Skipping opening times is optional and only do it if you have the Gems – typically when you’re in an active and successful clan with the perks that give you the bonus gems.

End Game

Above 3,900 trophies you should get like 100 free Gems every day and you should focus on stickpiling them to scan the daily shop frequently.

The Apocalypse is THE club you need for the late game so get the cards when they appear in the daily shop (240 Gems) and also the ones for Thor’s Hammer.

You will also need special balls like Quasars or Titans frequently for the higher tours.

Don’t skip chest opening times for the tour chests anymore, most cards will be useless to you and you have enough coins to not bother about coins.

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