Is Golf Clash Rigged?!

golf clash rigged

Ok this is a topic that has been going on for a long time and I thought it’s useful to get all the facts together and bring some light into the dark – we’re talking about if Golf Clash is rigged, so prepare for the comment section below to discuss this as well.

So, many people reported that they feel that Golf Clash sets them up in a way that they can’t win in order to make them spend more money on club upgrades or expensive balls or make them play more in order to progress – this is the definition if you can Golf Clash rigged.

But is this really the case?!

So, initially it began when the community got evidence that Golf Clash uses replays.

Normally if you play a match, there’s a human player on the other side that you play against – a human player that also makes mistakes and you know that the better of you will win if none messes up badly.

The problem with this system is: there needs to be a human player in the same tour of your level that also want to play at the same time, otherwise there’s no player.

Many games have that problem that you might end up waiting in the queue for several minutes (or more in higher tours/leagues) in order to find you a human opponent. Of course this doesn’t make fun and there’s only two solutions to it:

  1. You soft the algorithm and get matched against a stronger or weaker player – basically one of you will not have much fun because it’s almost impossible for him to win
  2. You use semi-human players, basically replays of what a human player did and simulate it in a way that the other player feels like playing against a human player

So in the case of Golf Clash they decided to use the second way and give you replays of other players performance.

If you think about it in general, it’s nothing bad – you’re playing against a human player the only thing is, that player did do his play maybe hours/days or weeks ago.

The only thing that they poorly did is how they implemented it – they will show you replays that are often times extremely hard to beat with Hole-In-Ones and Albatros in it.

That’s what make many people say that Golf Clash is rigged although it’s just poorly implemented.

I don’t think that one will complain if there would be bad replays in it from people that messed up badly so you have a secure win against a replay – there needs to be a challenge.

Normally I’m not that soft when it comes to that topic in a game that earns money from selling in-game currency (and please don’t claim I’m getting paid for saying this, I’m not) – but in my experience is for every one that complains about a single case that is against his favor there are dozens that saw the opposite and didn’t even recognized.

So with all info we got from our outside perspective I can’t tell that Golf Clash is rigged, it’s just a little bit poorly implemented from the developers.

If there’s more evidence about it that I don’t mention here or that might make me change my opinion please let me know and I will rework this article here for sure.

In the end it’s a game and it’s supposed to make fun – and there’s no fun if you’re winning all the time – and the fact that there are player in the highest tours shows that it’s possible to win in Golf Clash, right?


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  1. This is because they vary the play so much. One time your shot lands and stays in play the next minute depending on your win percentage or the clan your in they make adjustments and the same shot runs into the rough. When you have a wind overlay it doesn’t allow them to do this. Otherwise everyone would advance too fast. They never anticipated this game being as popular as it is. Now they are in panic mode trying to dial back the gems you recieve by a few or the clubs you recieve, as well as how many games you win at one time.

  2. It’s a rip off, if you don’t spend money with them you will never get anywhere. They build you up then smash you back down. Utter rubbish game.

  3. The game is absolutely fixed and when you spend money the algorithms change to your point they match you up with players that are more evenly matched after you buy some gems if you don’t buy gems for a while you’re losing streak’s take on epic proportion I played over 1000 games and know how to play the game at this point and the big differential is wind I could have a 10 mile an hour wind for example than my phone and all of a sudden gets a 4 mile an hour wind for their shot.
    I’ve talked to playdemic about it numerous times and they give you canned answers.
    My advice don’t feed the money in will be forced to change the game as long as people are stupid enough to spend money on the game they won’t change anything by the way it is just a game the best way to deal with is simply not to play and find another one that doesn’t get yourself frustrated it’s a big shame though because this game had tremendous potential. At the end of the day they just don’t care and they need to make money

  4. The game is absolutely skill based. However most players dont put any effort outside of playing to learn the game. Im talking about screen saving all tiebreakers, learning proper adjustment, elevation, secondary bounce, terrain affect on the ball, practicing on a lower tour to hit perfect, proper coin management,and for tournaments it goes to another level. Watching streams, joining a clan that makes guides, shares shots, and always do practice round and not qualify on 1st day when its easiest, use actuall intelligence and mathematical and physics based application to the trajectory of the shot, measuring your close misses and finding out exact improvements to the smallest decimal. And even then it does take about a year to become good but without that effort i destroy players with 10 x more games and 2-3x longer play yet alone players who started when i did which is almost a year ago. The game is free to play but it can get costly to compete high in tournaments and $ is spent on special balls but i do have 2 fun rookie acts and have never spend 1$. I won multiple tournaments and even a pro tournament which accumulated a lot of balls, and my win ratio is about 70% but on lower tours since i dont let those acts get promoted as they are only for fun rookie. Given i was only able to do this once i became good with 2 main acts and now i win expert tournaments and like most players in our FB groups who do the extra work, i have over 500 million coins and some have a few billion. I dont play masters because that is very expensive as a special ball is needed for every single hole and at least 2 acts whicb can be up to $80 or $90 a month in ball value while expert maybe $20. I play a lot and one has to play the course and not opponent. If u do that and lear the tiebreakers and minimise mistakes, u will expose those who complain and thats a majority since this game can really take a lot more time outside of playing , to become really good and compete on a high lvl on a international scale. You get what you put into it and if you only play and don’t take any notes and nothing additional than the players do even a little extra work will be the main cause why you’re struggling and think there is cheating. Playing against replays happens mainly when one goes way back to a level they passed long ago because they struggle at the level they should play @ there you will always find competition but going
    Way back will not find opponents and you wont be matched vs beginners so you will play vs another player who is your level and played that lower tour and then with a lot less wind, it can be challanging but i beat those as well and almost a year, im yet to play a replay who made a hi1. They can get very close but never a hi1 and its easy to tell a replay, amongst other signs, you will get matched after 35 seconds of not finding a real opponent and like i said, play the tour below you struggle, learn it with extra effort and you will win a LOT and even my rookie acts with rookie clubs have over 10 million of coins because i moved up and played players with maxed out clubs and still best them at high tours with more wind and no soecial balls used as i know how to play. I loose of course but the reality is that overall , 1 game out of 10, decides if a person will win 60% or 40% of games, so it becomes hard and thats why i love it. There are other forms of cheating and manipulation like other people playing their friends acts and winning tournaments and that will never stop but i still rank top 10 every single time and that means i also win quite a bit and the rewards for expert top 3 is huge in terms of balls, coins, club upgrades etc..For $20 a month, this game is a bargain. But like many, i wasted money first 4 months and did not concentrate on learning the game nor did i know or even belive that this game can be detailed to the extreme and then i started improving and even now im learning new things all the time…Winners concentrate on winning, and losers concentrate on winners. That quote is the perfect explanation of 99% of all these complaints, the game gas flaws and its a business to them and that is the reality but there is no conspiracy about a rigged system that makes people loose, or any nonsense because playdemic would get it banned if anyone could ever prove any of those allegations. Its sad to see all these players, probably 60% because its the top 40% that learned the game and have no issues except ideas for improvements and sometimes bad but also good steaks and that is as normal as any sport in real live. GL and happy golfing,

      • The above comment is bu**** and written by someone associated with golf clash. I’ve seen it cheat me. Mark’s comment is spot on. It can be an addictive game and they know it. Yeah you’ll see some guys rated in the thousands. Those are the employees or programmers and they are the say ones beating when you think you’re playing a guest.

        • The game is rigged. Apart from experiencing similar disadvantages mentioned above I’ve started to wonder at some point if it’s just my perception or why e.g. wind is in favour of opponent.
          So I started to create a database of my last 1,000 games or so and developed a methodology to track each shot and ranked it. I got to around 15 conditions where I rated if wind was in favour, against me or for both the same.
          It turned out the about 95% of the time (I would say that’s quite considerable) wind was against me in all sort of conditions. Chip-in from Fairway, Rough or bunker is ridiculous. 97% of the time opponent had perfect tailwind, my shot with perfect sidewind.
          If you pay money, and in my case I grabbed most of the carrots that Playdemic hang in front of my nose, you get diddled.
          I don’t mind losing and spending the money on it. But in such a shameless extent it’s rather frustrating.

  5. I feel that your statement that it is poorly implemented is an absolute farce! I can tell a lot of times when they’ve got me up against a replay because the comments are out of sync. More times than not these are 66% win ratio and up. if you don’t think that these guys did that on purpose or don’t have the ability to do that because they’re not smart enough then I feel you’re being naive.I feel it’s implemented exactly how they wanted to be. It is run against you. Intentions is to make you burn balls and then buy more.

  6. This article and commentary is completely false. I have spoken with support multiple times about their shot algorithm. I have the screen captures to prove it. It doesn’t matter the club you use, the ball you use, the wind, the ball guide, or how perfect your shot it – what it all comes down to is their shot algorithm. That is what determines who wins or loses – period. Not how well you play or don’t play. It is an absolutely rigged game from start to finish. I have submitted video after video to support to demonstrate how the shot algorithm has rigged outcomes. For example, when a shot defies the law of physics (i.e. you hit a soft 5 yd shot going up a steep incline, and the ball lands, and actually picks up speed and goes up the hill and 10 yards past the hole). That is the shot algorithm. No.Way.To.Beat.It. The Game is Rigged and you should know that going it – Avoid it. Playdemic is an organization designed (much like Las Vegas card tables) to make you lose and spend your money. They are a FOR PROFIT organization – so that has always been their intention. AVOID THIS GAME AS THERE ARE MUCH BETTER GOLF GAMES OUT THERE.

  7. I have found a funny algorithm. Sometimes I play and can beat almost anyone I play. I can rack up 150,000 dollars in 30 mins. Other times it doesn’t matter how good I play. I can’t win a single round and loose my money in 20 mins. Several times I’ve been in death matches and watch the other player play. They have a 1 mile per hour wind towards them. They set the ball to the middle of the target and over shoot the hole by 10ft. So I set up exactly like them and with 1.3 mph of wind towards me and use less power then they do and I over shoot the hole more than them. They didn’t use back spin and I didn’t. I have found that if I pick up the game and win the first hole I play than the algorithm is favoring me and I can win 80% of the games I play. If I pick up the game and loose the first hole I pretty much can count on no matter how good I play I will loose 80% of the games I play. I’ve played par 5 holes and hit the fairway everytime. The other player plays in the rough or sand the entire round and still beats me explain that, and I eagle the hole, so do they but I loose in the death match to some stupid technicality. I know you play against people’s old rounds but you also play people too. I have played three rounds with people before and we chat and answer each other so I know they are real. Other times you get weird chats that the timing is way off. So I believe you play both.

  8. Mac’s comment above is 100% spot on. Period. It’s a slot machine disguised as a golf game and they decide when you’re going to win and when you’re going to lose. And oh, don’t piss off customer support as they will crank that algorithm way up and you’ll lose every match for days on end. It’s a joke and a farce and they should be shut down.

  9. I will say this I wish I could have screen recorded a bunch of golf clash matches that , I have witnessed with my own eyes, a player uses a different ball to start, a player hits it in the water and then magically is not in the water so many little things that I am like ummmmm. I know what I saw. This could in fact be the algorithm. I think golf clash has a computer algorithm, well obviously it does because when you first play the game. You are absolutely playing a computer. So why couldn’t they make these players be unbeatable?

  10. The matchmaking is rigged, but in a way that leaves it as innocent as possible. Using the Trophy system for matchmaking needs to be abolished, players should be matched on their total number of games. If ppl want a ranked playlist to make things more difficult, sure, have the trophy matchmaking for that.

  11. Today I lost a shootout to a “player” who played a shot with the wind slicing away from the hole at a high rate of speed which should’ve carried it off the green. It actually slowed…with no slope and circled back toward the hole rolling inside of a yard when I was 1.2 away…ridiculous. There was no bank there to create that type of movement, I’ve played that hole hundreds of times.

  12. If anyone has any evidence, as detailed as possible (not that you’re just annoyed with the game), please can you let me know.
    I’m a player of this game, but also a journalist and am increasingly interested about concerns this game is rigged.
    Leave a message here if you would like to be involved, quoted (anonymously) or have solid evidence.

  13. If anyone has any evidence, as detailed as possible (not that you’re just annoyed with the game), please can you let me know. I’m a player of this game, but also a journalist and am increasingly interested about concerns this game is rigged.
    Leave a message here if you would like to be involved, and quoted (anonymously).

  14. How is it when a perfect shot with wind behind you all of a sudden falls out of the sky into a bunker 15 ft before your target ,the game is extremely rigged and the more you spend the more you lose

  15. I threw it away but i had a recorded shot the opponent hit in a big soft bunker and the ball did a quick little jump backwards out of the trap.
    I complained got my fees back but no expkaination

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