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Letter to the World – Oliver Anthony Reaction Part 2 – #oliveranthonymusic #communicate #lovenothate

This is my way of speaking out and trying to open some eyes. We are constantly pitted against each other by people that do not have our best interests in mind. If we stop believing the lies that we are being fed and start talking to each other we will see that we have more in common with each other than we do with those that seek to divide us. We have the power to change the world and it begins with a conversation.

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My original letter to the world.

My voice may be small but it will be silent no longer. We the people (anyone intimately familiar with the struggle) must no longer consent to the will of the wealthy, greedy, egotistical, narcissistic, and self-serving institutions and individuals that are only interested in garnering more control, and building their own wealth regardless of the people that are forced to struggle and the price that humanity is forced to absorb.
We the people, The Struggling Class, must unite to regain our rights. This can only happen through communication, education, and observation. We must start talking to each other with open minds and stop hating each other with closed hearts. Hatred that has manifested as a result of anything short of a personal and/or direct experience can only be derived through manipulation and coercion. We The Struggling Class must stop listening to and believing in what Politicians, News Media, Social Media, Network Television, The Struggle-less Class, or any other Bullshit on the internet tells us. We must start listening to our neighbors, friends, family and anyone else that is not integrally entwined in the perpetration, proliferation, or perpetuation of the problem. Struggle is real; it is painful, emotional, stressful, and most importantly UNIVERSAL. It is the commonality that highlights the differences between people that have or are suffering and the people who have more than they will ever need yet they still want more, of everything they already have too much of. Our battles, regardless of the details provide us all with the beginning of a conversation.
It will require merely seconds of clear, calm, and concise conversations to determine that there are infinitely more reasons for people to converse, collaborate, and coalesce than there are for them to continue to stumble down the same predetermined, desolate, decaying, dark, diabolical, divisive, and destructive path. A path which is designed to deceive, deflect, defame, and divide through the use of dangerous and deliberate rhetoric. This only works because we turn our heads, look the other way, pretend it doesn’t matter, refuse to talk to people with diverging opinions, and don’t have the courage required to break the silence and destroy the cycle of depravity. Communication leads to illumination, exposure leads to disclosure, seeing leads to believing, and conclusions will lead to solutions.
This is our world. We The Struggling Class are the silent majority. If we step out of our comfort zones and obliterate our silence: listen they must and comply they will. Control over us is gained through consent and without consensual control chaos and contempt will be sewn. When the curtains drop and the cantilever below begins to sway, the balance of power comes into play. When the scale of justice comes to rest, the Majority’s Will shall become our quest. Substantive, meaningful, and permanent change should be the only thing that we are willing to accept. No more promises, no new regulations that aren’t required to implement change, no excuses, and no bullshit.
If the people or governing institutions fail to implement the will of the people that they represent, then immediate replacements should be sent following an honest impeachment. The demand for accountability can only come from the underrepresented, overworked, underpaid, and overtaxed. They will never hold themselves accountable for their own actions and will do anything to maintain the status quo. Every governing and political institution around the world claims to represent “The People” and “The People’s Best Interests.” It is long past time for the silent majority to reacquire control of our destiny and being to forge a new path towards a system that serves everyone and not just the people with large bank accounts and zero values. Break the silence, be the change, or wave goodbye to the world as it was and forfeit your right to influence what it’s going to be.

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