Losing Streak? How To Fix It

losing streak golf clash

Are you losing several games back to back in Golf Clash and it appears that you can’t win anymore? That’s called a losing streak and most players have this from time to time – in fact, this can end really bad so I wanted to write this guide here to help you out.

So I have here 3 simple steps that will put you back on track and end your losing streak in Golf Clash.

What’s A Losing Streak?

Ok, yes, it’s losing several games in a row – but there’s a lot more to it. I can explain you that a losing streak is nothing you can prevent.

Let’s say you flip a coin you always have 50% chance for each side. Let’s say one side of the coin is “winning” and the other side is “loosing”. Flipping it 3 times in a row still have the chance of landing on the “loosing” side of 12.5% in total! Even landing 5 times in a row on the “loosing” side will be 3.75%!

But what has that to do with Golf Clash? Flipping a coin is luck while Golf Clash is a skill game!

Now, in Golf Clash, you can look at your profile and you will see your winning percentage:

win percentage

Even the best players don’t have more than 60% in the higher tours, that’s why I brought that up with the coin.

So, it can happen – or actually if you play many many games on Golf Clash – it WILL happen at some point that you will get a losing streak where you’re not luky or your opponent is super lucky even when not as good as you are.

Poker is also a skill game but even the best players in the world use hands and tourneys.

So calm down and do not panic, there’s nothing wrong with you and it happens to everyone – it’s not in your control. The only control you have is how you react to it 🙂

Fix Your Losing Streak

Now here’s what you should do to prevent worse.

Step 1 – Save Your Bankroll!

People constantly start forcing to win and say “come on, now I HAVE to win the next one” and lose their bankroll and find themself grinding in way lower tours again because they burnt their whole Coins and can’t affort to play their regular tours anymore.

This happesn way too often.

Play a lower tour if you have less than 3 entry fees for your current tour left!

I’ve written about bankroll mangement here and this will explain you why you need to do that to not lose everything.

Step 2 – Turn Down Your Game

If you lost 3 matches in a row it’s a good idea to turn down your phone.

I know many people say “no, I don’t rage I still play my best game”.

You don’t.

Look at your replays, you will start to force it and play higher risk/lower reward drives a lot and this is what makes it even worse. Remember the coin, you will get your 60% win rate to 50% or less with such plays and just make the losing streak longer!

Just put it down and play again after some time, even better the next day.

Thanks me later for this tip 🙂

Step 3 – Check Tournaments

Sometimes there are tournaments going on or coming up shortly and higher players use your current tour to practice holes – this will give you way harder opponents that also might have a lot better equipment – of course your win ratio is lower when competing with them.

In that case wait until at least the qualifiers are done.

If you follow this you will not lose as much and get back on track sooner. Good luck, I know how this feels, I even had lossing streaks of 10 or even more matches and I’m glad I didn’t lost all my Coins to them sticking to the above steps 🙂

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