Redwood Cup Tournament Text Guide

Liberty Tournament (June 22nd, 2020)

Shortly after the last 9-Hole Cup we’re back on tournament schedule with the Liberty Tournament in Golf Clash and it’s all about the City Park course:

golf clash liberty tournament all holes

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into the text guides for the Vineyard Acres 9-Hole Cup.

City Parl Hole #1 (Par 3)

↩️ Spin 4-5 Back
⛳️ Overadjust 10%
🏐 Ball Marlin (Rookie), Katana (Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Saturn (Rookie) Backbone (Rookie/Pro/Expert)

This Par 3 here in the Liberty Tournament is tricky because the green slopes down and is not flat so there’s many ways how your ball can jump some inches too far to the left or right and make you miss that hole-in-one.

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 5Use a club here that gives you at least 4-5 bars of backspin when you directly play on the green and there’s not much more that you can do than aiming straight towards the pin and adjust the wind correctly.

I’m honest with you, getting a hole-in-one here is really difficult so don’t get your expectations up too much and take the birdie here as a good result. The green slopes towards the pin so getting close to the pin is all you need 🙂

City Part Hole #2 (Par 4)

Drive 2nd Shot
↩️ Spin 4-5 Top Max Left
⛳️ Overadjust 10% 0%
🏐 Ball Titan (Rookie/Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Extra Mile (Rookie/Pro/Expert) Big Dawg (Rookie/Pro/Expert)

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 8 driveThe drive here is probably the trickiest in the Liberty Tournament because the fairway is bumpy and you have so many sections with rough and bunkers there, but playing it calm helps a lot.

Don’t do anything crazy here like bumping over bunkers, simply keep it in the middle and add some topspin to get further down the fairway and you set yourself into a nice spot for your second shot.

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 8 second shotIn your second shot you need to do a double bounce because it’s not possible to reach the green directly or approach the pin here directly.

All you need to do is to use all the sidespin to the left and aim your second bounce on the fairway close to the green to roll on the green and get your birdie after that. Using topspin here is really dangerous and you can easily go over the green and have a tough spot for the birdie so don’t risk that and take the birdie here!

City Park Hole #3 (Par 5)

Drive 2nd Shot
↩️ Spin Max Top when bouncing over the rough
⛳️ Overadjust 10% 0%
🏐 Ball Marlin (Rookie), Titan (Rookie/Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Extra Mile (Rookie/Pro/Expert) Big Dawg (Rookie/Pro/Expert)

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 3 driveThis Par 5 is all about distance but the thing here is that reaching the green in 2 shots is very tough and requires you to do 2 shots with full overpower so I rather recommend here not going all-in and play it conservatively by laying the ball in your drive and get to the green in 3.

So, in your drive you just lay the ball before the bunker so you can use a wood with a good distance in your second shot. Nothing special here, not even spin needed to get it in a good position. With strong headwind you might use some topspin.

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 3 second shotIn your second shot you now have two options, either bounce over the rough spot here or use some overpower to land it over the rough directly.

This depends what ball you use, what club level you have and also how close to the bunker you reached in your drive. Bottom line, both shots do the same for your third shot where you can reach the green.

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 3 third shotThe third shot now let you approach the pin but you normally have to bounce it on the fringe so you need some luck to actually get your eagle here.

But hey, your opponent has the same problems so playing it save here instead of risking too much is still the best way to handle this Par 5 in the Liberty Tournament 🙂

City Park Hole #4 (Par 3)

↩️ Spin 1-2 Left
⛳️ Overadjust 10%
🏐 Ball Marlin (Rookie), Quasar (Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Backbone (Rookie/Pro/Expert)

golf clash liberty tournament text guide hole 4This Par 3 in the Liberty Tournament is a little tricky because the ball guideline is not long enough to really get a perfect direction towards the pin, especially as you do play from the tee’s that are not in line with the green.

You bounce it once on the fairway and the second bounce should be directly on the green while not adding any top- or backspin. Adjusting wind even by a little wrong will get you a little next to the pin so don’t plan with the hole-in-one here.

City Park Hole #5 (Par 4)

Drive 2nd Shot
↩️ Spin 5+ Top; 2-4 Right
⛳️ Overadjust 10% 0%
🏐 Ball Navigator (Rookie), Katana (Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Extra Mile (Rookie/Pro/Expert) Thorn (Rookie/Pro/Expert)

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 4 driveIn the drive you want to get as much distance as possible to get some nice topspin set and use the driver that will give you the most distance.

The drive isn’t that hard and the only thing you need to make sure is that you do bounce over the bunker here and set some sidespin to the right to lay the ball on the fairway comfortably.

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 4 second shotIn your second shot you can actually approach the pin directly and have many options here.

I like to do the bounce on the fringe here without adding any spin but that also depends on what short iron you use. You can also bounce on the green and use some backspin here as well.

This is one of the spots where you can get an eagle in the Liberty Tournament.

City Park Hole #6 (Par 5)

Drive 2nd Shot
↩️ Spin Max Top; Max Left Max Top; Max Left
⛳️ Overadjust 20% 0%
🏐 Ball Titan (Rookie/Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Extra Mile (Rookie/Pro/Expert), Apocalypse (Pro/Expert) Big Dawg (Rookie/Pro/Expert)

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 9 driveI personally like playing on the left side here a lot more because you have a better landing spot and better options for your second shot here, but you can also play on the right side in the Liberty Tournament.

golf clash coast to coast tournament text guide city park hole 9 second shotWith a wood club that gives you distance and a Power II ball you can now reach the green in your second shot and go for the eagle easily.

Use max topspin and sidespin and you don’t need to bounce over that bunker and can go from the side and find yourself in a very good spot for the final shot 🙂

City Park Hole #7 (Par 4)

Drive 2nd Shot
↩️ Spin Max Top, Max Left 1 Back; 3-4 Right
⛳️ Overadjust 10%
🏐Ball Quasar (Rookie/Pro/Expert))
🏑 Club(s) Extra Mile (Rookie/Pro/Expert) Viper (Rookie), Sniper (Pro/Expert)

golf clash liberty tournament text guide hole 7 driveThe drive here need to avoid the bunker and get you enough distance – you do that by using a lot of sidespin to the left but also mind the aiming spot, the more you go to the left, the more the ball will go straight!

There’s a spot that will turn the ball to the left and with a ball that has enough sidespin you can avoid the bunker here, as you can see in the image.

golf clash liberty tournament text guide hole 7 second shotIn your second shot, you bounce it over the bunker with a little backspin and sidespin to aim directly towards the pin.

The fairway is a little bumpy here so pay close attention to your wind adjustment, getting a little to the side will still let you get the birdie in this Par 4, but the eagle is possible.

City Park Hole #8 (Par 3)

↩️ Spin Max Back
⛳️ Overadjust 10%
🏐 Ball Navigator (Rookie), Kingmaker (Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Backbone (Rookie) Guardian (Pro/Expert)

golf clash liberty tournament text guide hole 8The tricky thing about this Par 3 in the Liberty Tournament is that bouncing on the fairway will change your direction to the right so you need to rely on a lot of luck to slope down correctly.

A better way here is to use a setup with a lot of backspin and bounce on the fringe, this let you get the direction towards the pin a lot better and it’s more consistent to play this hole like that.

City Park Hole #9 (Par 5)

Drive 2nd Shot
↩️ Spin 3 Top; Max Right; Curl Right 2 Back
⛳️ Overadjust 5% -10%
🏐 Ball Katana (Rookie), Kingmaker (Pro/Expert)
🏑 Club(s) Extra Mile (Rookie/Pro/Expert) Big Dawg (Rookie), Sniper 4+ (Rookie/Pro/Expert)

golf clash liberty tournament text guide hole 9 driveYou can reach the green in 2 shots here and the drive it vital here, especially preventing getting into the rough by still getting a good distance with it.

Go to the right side and bounce over the rough to get the direction right and don’t add too much topspin or you will roll into the rough. Use all the sidespin possible here as well and mind that you play slightly downhill so you need to adjust a little extra with your wind adjustment and add half a ball of curl

golf clash liberty tournament text guide hole 9 second shotWith the second shot you will use that small fairway island inside the bunker to approach the green. The albatross is really lucky here, but not impossible.

Best practice here is to aim in the center of that fairway spot and make the ball guideline point directly towards the pin, your club won’t have enough ball guideline to really aim more than that, but that’s alright.

Add a little backspin and mind that you play uphill, so adjust a little less for the wind.

If you want to check out a text guide for an older tournament you can see them here on the second page:


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