Spring Major Tournament Text Guide (April 12th, 2021)

Fall Majors Tournament (November 25th, 2019)

With a little delay due to performance optimizations (you might have recognized during the Dreaded Dunes Tournament), the Fall Major Tournament came a little later.

Without any further wasting time let’s dive into the hard facts and the text guides 🙂

golf clash fall major tournament 2019 courses

We will play again on the Eagle Peak course like we did in the Fall Major Tournament 2018.

The holes in Eagle Peak are available for training in Tour 8 (Mountain Tour) if you want to fresh them up or get them to know better.

But now let’s jump into the text guides for the Fall Major Tournament 🙂

Eagle Peak – Hole #1 (Par 4)

fall major tournament hole 1 driveRookie: In the first hole in the Fall Major Tournament, you should NOT go the right lane in Rookie Division because you need max overpower combined with a Power III ball to make it far enough to not have the trees in your way. When playing the left side you need to find a spot in between the trees where you can play through but trust me, it’s worth it. You will roll it on the rough, in between the trees, and get a direct shot directly towards the pin with a nice chance to eagle here.

Pro/Expert: You’ll also play the left lane but you rather need to do a direct rough bump in your drive and use max topspin to make it through the trees to get your open shot for the pin.

fall major tournament hole 1 text guide

Eagle Peak – Hole #2 (Par 3)

fall major tournament hole 2 drive rookieRookie: Don’t do the mistake to play it close to the green, the fairway there is really bumpy and your ball can get anywhere after bouncing. Rather take your Long Iron and take a more flat fairway section. In the image you can see the best aiming spot (before wind adjustment) where the white ring touches the rough – that’s your spot to take. Add here 1-2 bars of topsin and you have the perfect attempt for a hole-in-one 🙂

Pro/Expert: Here you want to use a wood like the Sniper and basically aim your ball guideline to go directly for the pin (3 bars of backspin and 2 bars of spin to the left will do fine) and then everything is about hitting the perfect shot and also adjusting wind correctly. Then this will be an easy shot in the Fall Major Tournament.

fall major tournament hole 2 text guide

Eagle Peak – Hole #3 (Par 5)

fall major tournament hole 3 2nd hit rookieRookie: This hole is actually a secure eagle in the Fall Major Tournament! You want to play it on the right side and reach as far as you can with all the topspin you have. The further you get the better for your second shot. In your second shot you need to use the sloping of the green by bouncing the ball in front of the green and letting it slope back (see image).

Pro/Expert: You’ll also drive by bouncing over the rough with a Power III ball here – this way you don’t need to overpower and can use some sidespin to the right to counter the sloping of the fairway. If you’ve done everything right you can now go for your albatross by also making the ball slope down the green towards the pin – I’d say it’s a 50:50 approach for the albatross or secure eagle (s. image).

fall major tournament hole 3 text guide

Eagle Peak – Hole #4 (Par 3)

Rookie (Blue): With the lack of sidespin and power your best take is to bounce it over the bunker as you can see below in the image to approach the pin directly. I recommend using a ball with Sidespin II to still be able to go for the pin and the risky part is adjusting the wind to not land in the bunker. Don’t do any curl shots here, they can easily get you into the bunker!

Pro/Expert (Red): With a ball that has Sidespin III you don’t need to play as close to the bunker and can actually comfortably adjust. Make the ball guideline go directly towards the pin and adjust a little bit extra for elevation (about 10%). In this case one of the easiest attempts for a hole-in-one in the Fall Major Tournament.

fall major tournament hole 4 text guide

Eagle Peak – Hole #5 (Par 4)

Rookie: You want to get as far as you can and also stay away from the rough island with the trees to get your birdie and a good chance for an albatross here in this hole at the Fall Major Tournament. Use a ball with Sidespin II to not have to use much curl and aim like shown in the image below. If you can pull that shot off right you have a great chance to approach the pin directly in your second shot.

Pro/Expert: You can use a ball with power and sidespin to get comfortable towards the same spot. If you have tailwind you can even try to overpower and aim directly to bounce through the rough island with the trees and can land on the green with your drive, but you need to have a strong tailwind for that and a Power V ball.

fall major tournament hole 5 text guide

Eagle Peak – Hole #6 (Par 5)

There are two possible ways to approach this hole in the Fall Major Tournament, no matter what division. It all depends on the wind.

Tailwind or moderate wind from left side (Blue Line): You need to bounce over the rough to the left fairway section so give your ball all the topspin you have (use the Extra Mile) and overpower as much as you feel you can handle. The further you get the better your approach for the pin will be! In your second shot you need to do a rough bounce or your will come in way too hot so aim for the pin and give about 2+ bars of topspin to have enough speed when rolling the fairway after bouncing the rough.

Headwind/Strong Wind From Left (Red Line): With these winds it’s impossible to play the left side and you need to aim towards the right side and get as far here as well by using all the sidespin, topspin and some curl as well. From here you can also do a rough bounce through the trees, but be careful to find a spot where your ball won’t hit the trees.

fall major tournament hole 6 text guide


Great Outdoors Tournament - Hole 7

Hole 7 (Par 3)

Club To Use: Backbone, Goliath or Sniper

The left line is the standard play for this hole in the Fall Major Tournament unless you have strong headwind, then you can pick the right line.

Normally you bounce it over the bunker in the left line but it will be very hard to get a hole-in-one as the fairway os not perfectly even.

For the right line you will need a lot of backspin and also headwind to aim directly for the pin and not exceed that point and even leave the green, but no risk no gain, right? 😉

tour 8 - Eagle Peak - Hole 8Hole 8 (Par 4)

Clubs To Use: Big Topper or Thorn

Picking the right or the left line is the normal way how you want to play this hole in the Fall Major Tournament, depending on the wind and what side suits you best.

Both ways are played similar where you try to get as far on the fairway as possible and then directly go for the green in the second hit paired with backspin to head for the eagle or get at least a birdie.

The red line is more aggressive and can get you directly on the green – but you need solid tailwind  to make that happen. Bounce right next to the bunker and then add enough sidepsin and top spin to make it on the green. You very likely will bounce it on the rough so don’t hestitate using plenty topspin to bounce it far enough.

Great Outdoors Tournament - Hole 9

Hole 9 (Par 5)

Clubs To use: Big Dawg or Cataclysm

Normally you want to use a ball and club with a lot of topspin and bounce to the second fairway (left line). From there you have a great shot directly for the green where you can bounce on the rough right in front of the green.

The right line is only the right line to play if you have strong headwind and you won’t make it over the rough and bounce on the second fairway. Then you want to reach close to the end of the first fairway and then use curl to go around the trees and get close to the green.

If you want to check out a text guide for an older tournament you can see them here on the second page:


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  1. Hello there,
    What is meant by Silver State?
    Is state is as in one of the US states “the silver country” or it’s meant to describe a condition “the silver condition”?
    Kindly advise!

  2. On the St. Patrick Tournament 2020.

    I think there’s a mistake on Drumore Links Hole #6 (Par 5)
    It should be 20% 1st shot and 20% 2nd shot (not 20/-10)
    Can you confirm?

  3. Love your site. Wish I could print them but the ads are just too much. Thanks for the info though. I’d rather pay you and lose the ads.

    • Thanks 🙂 I wanted to have this info out for everyone for free rather than charging for it, so ads are a part. You can use an ad blocker if you want to 😉
      You can just print this page in your browser, should work just fine without paying

    • When playing downhill you need to adjust wind more as the ball has mor time to get affected by the wind. If you would normally adjust 2 rings, here you need to adjust 2.2 rings 🙂

  4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this text guide. I have never had it so straightforward, comfortable and thrilled playing in a tourney, like I did today.

  5. How are you doing big boss! I would love, love, to see wind charts like that with adjustment (Ball Wind Resistance, Playing Downhill, etc.) for all the shots. Thank you for your service!

  6. Thanks big boss for the Vineyard tournament text guide! Does Tommy Golf use it to prepare his YouTube tutorials? I could not help but notice the uncanny similarity of his vineyard rookie tutorial, which came out later, including the use of similar phraseology to your work.

    Kind regards.

  7. Sequoia Creek Hole #9 (Par 5) Drive straight through the trees over the bunker onto the Right Fairway and you will find yourself with and Albatross chance and a guaranteed Eagle

    • I double checked, everything is there… “You really want to play the drive on the left side to get into a position that can get you to the green in your second shot. The islands looks intimidating but it’s actually not that difficult to land on. You need to bounce over that bunker there with a small backspin to make the ball stop and good sidespin to the left to get a nice line. In your second shot you can now approach the green but aiming for the albatross here is really difficult as the fairway slopes at the middle point giving the ball a different direction from just hitting one inch more to the right or left. Aim a little to the right of the pin as the green slopes down towards the pin, this will be better when you want to get lucky for the albatross. Use some topspin to get uphill here.”

  8. Hole #5 and Hole #6 are switched in the tournament. It messed me up a bit on qualifying. Other than that, I appreciate everything you do : ) .

  9. I’m “assuming” this is for Pro/Expert, from the middle tee box, because I didn’t see any mention of which division this is for.

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