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Coastal Classic Tournament (August 19th, 2019)

The next upcoming tournament will be the Coastal Classic Tournament:

golf clash coastal classic tournament

This tournament will be a mix of holes from Porthello Cove and The Oasis – so if you have the bankroll you can practice them in Tour 10 (The Oasis) and Tour 12 (Porthello Cove). If not, here are the best way to play each of the holes during the Coastal Classic Tournament:

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 1Hole 1 – The first hole is pretty straightforward to play and there’s no reason to pick any other line than the left side. if you play the right side you could get closer to the green for an easier second hit but probably don’t have enough backspin for an albatross so rather take the left line and get close to the pin in two hits.

You want to slightly curl or overpower depending on the wind and make it bounce in front of the rough at the end of the fairway with some good topspin to get as close to the end of the fairway island as possible. There’s some elevation so no problem if you come in a little bit sharp.

The second hit will bounce right in front of the bunker and get as close to the pin as possible without any fancy gameplay except adjusting to the wind.

Use a ball with good power and Extra Mile/Big Dawg for Rookie and any better wood for the higher divisions (you want that accuracy in your second hit, that’s what the secret about this hole in Coastal Classic Torunament is all about)

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 2Hole 2 – you really need some good distance here so use the Quarterback or the Extra Mile for your drive. Here you will also need a ball with sidespin and good topspin, especially appraoching the pin is a lot easier if you have sidespin.

So, for the drive you want to add frontspin to get to the end of the fairway on the left island as much as possible. If there’s headwind in the tournament setup you will need to overpower your shot a little bit and bounce it over the bunker.

For your second hit you can now directly go for the pin by letting the ball bounce before and left of the bunker and add max sidespin to change the direction and head for the pin – also here, you want to overpower a little bit to adjust for the elevation of the green and add some backspin to not go too far or come in too fast.

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 3Hole 3 –ย for this hole you should not plan with a hole-in-one and rather play your secure birdie. There’s a lot of downward elevation so you need to play this hole carefully and always aim for the last isle directly. Best club to use in the Coastal Classic Tournament for this hole will be the Guardian or any other club with high backspin plus a ball with good backspin as well to slow it down in time.

Depending on the tee you’re starting you should overadjust your shot with 30-50% to make it far enough and add all the backspin you have and bounce it on the rough to slow down additionally – this should land you on the green and give you a secure birdie while others will mess up here in the tournament. You can also add some curl to the left so you get a nicer bathing on the green.

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 4Hole 4 – use the Quarterback, big Topper or Apocalypse for this hole and if there’s no strong tailwind you need to pick the left or right lane to play.

I personally use the line that will give me a straight headwind or tailwind for the second hit in the Coastal Classic Tournament. Playing the first hit will be adding backspin and trying to get as far on the fairway as possible and then aim for the pin in the second hit with enough backspin to stop on the green – I normally bounce it on the rough to slow the ball down enough.

With strong tailwind you can use max curl to the left to bounce at the end of the fairway and use all the frontspin you have to directly head for the green. No need to overpower your shot.

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 5Hole 5 – use the Backbone (Rookie) or Sniper in this hole.

You have two options to play this, one is making a bounce on the rough and approach the green directly and the other is bouncing over the fairway with curl.

I’d recommend you in this torunament to go for the rough bounce unless there’s strong wind from the left (you might end in the trees) or you don’t have a lot of sidespin and backspin (Rookie). Just bounce the ball ont eh rough and add all the sidespin you have to go for a hole-in-one.

Alternatively you can curl to the left and bounce on the fairway and approach the green from there. This is a more secure way to play this hole but in tournament situations you really want to try the direct bounce on the rough and approach directly.

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 6Hole 6 – If you have a club with at least 225 yards distance and a Power III ball you can approach the left line that has a way higher chance to birdie or albatross in this tournament. If there’s headwind or you don’t have the distance you need to use the left line.

For the right line you need to double-bounce the ball to get to the end of the fairway so use all the topspin you have, otherwise you will have a really tough second hit.

The green slopes downwards from your side so try to land it on the rough so it will slowly roll down.

For the left line you will need to get as far on the fairway as possible so use as much topsin as you have and also overpower your shot when there’s headwind. The second hit will go uphill so take all the power you have and bounce it on the rough and use topspin as well, you won’t come in too fast so the elevation can’t slow you down – coming short is here a lot worst than coming in too fast if you want to get your birdie.

I recommend using Big Dawg, Sniper or Cataclysm as clubs for this hole in the Coastal Classic Tournament.

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 7Hole 7 –ย Playing the blue line is the best in most cases (unless you play the higher tees or have strong tailwind. You want to bounce on the rough next to the bunker and adjust to the wind with either a little topspin or backspin.

The area is a little bit bumpy so don’t expect a hoe-in-one but a secure birdie isn’t that bad in a tournament, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

In case of the higher tees or tailwind you want to bounce once on the fairway before the green and add enough backspin to not roll over the green too fast. You can aim directly for the pin and use some curl to get a straight line after the bounce toward the pin.

As clubs I recommend you Viper, Sniper or Quarterback

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 8Hole 8 – This one is probably the trickies hole in the whole tournament and you can play it in two different ways.

Unless you’re in Master division or you have strong straight tailwind you want to use the blue line and try to get as far on the fairway as you can so use frontspin and adjust to the wind properly to stay on the fairway. From here you have a tough second hit and should try to bounce directly on the rough right in front of the green to appraoch the pin.

For the red line you will need to overpower and max curl and use all the frontspin you have to get as far as possible on the second fairway as possible, so make sure you adjust your bounces well.

From here you want to use a club with high accurracy and directly approach the green with all the backspin you have.

I recommend you to use Thorn or Saturn as clubs for this hole.

Coastal Classic Tournament - Hole 9Hole 9 – use the Big Topper, Extra Mile or Apocalypse for this hole. If you’re not in Rookie division or you don’t have headwind you can approach this hole with the right line where you curl and overpower your shot as much as you can to get as far as possible on the fairway.

From here you can directly go for the pin an dthe green by bouncing next tot he bunker on the rough to slow down and gently roll on the green.

If you’re not able to make 220+ yards, you will need to play the red line and slightly curl and overpower with strong headwind your shot to get as far as possible on the left fairway.

The second shot is quite tough to play and you also need to overadjust here – I recommend you to focus on getting the ball on the green for an eagle rather than trying to get an albatross with this line. bouncing next to the bunker with frontspin is vital here, you might also want to aim to get in the rough rather than risking to exceed the green when you don’t have the distance and you overpower it.

Good luck with this tournament, see you on the green ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Hello there,
    What is meant by Silver State?
    Is state is as in one of the US states “the silver country” or it’s meant to describe a condition “the silver condition”?
    Kindly advise!

  2. On the St. Patrick Tournament 2020.

    I think there’s a mistake on Drumore Links Hole #6 (Par 5)
    It should be 20% 1st shot and 20% 2nd shot (not 20/-10)
    Can you confirm?

  3. Love your site. Wish I could print them but the ads are just too much. Thanks for the info though. I’d rather pay you and lose the ads.

    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to have this info out for everyone for free rather than charging for it, so ads are a part. You can use an ad blocker if you want to ๐Ÿ˜‰
      You can just print this page in your browser, should work just fine without paying

    • When playing downhill you need to adjust wind more as the ball has mor time to get affected by the wind. If you would normally adjust 2 rings, here you need to adjust 2.2 rings ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this text guide. I have never had it so straightforward, comfortable and thrilled playing in a tourney, like I did today.

  5. On Hole 4 both times I tried it using backspin it left me well short. When I add spin to it, I get close to the pin. Can you provide some insight on where I need to place it with backspin?

  6. How are you doing big boss! I would love, love, to see wind charts like that with adjustment (Ball Wind Resistance, Playing Downhill, etc.) for all the shots. Thank you for your service!

  7. Thanks big boss for the Vineyard tournament text guide! Does Tommy Golf use it to prepare his YouTube tutorials? I could not help but notice the uncanny similarity of his vineyard rookie tutorial, which came out later, including the use of similar phraseology to your work.

    Kind regards.

  8. Sequoia Creek Hole #9 (Par 5) Drive straight through the trees over the bunker onto the Right Fairway and you will find yourself with and Albatross chance and a guaranteed Eagle

    • I double checked, everything is there… “You really want to play the drive on the left side to get into a position that can get you to the green in your second shot. The islands looks intimidating but itโ€™s actually not that difficult to land on. You need to bounce over that bunker there with a small backspin to make the ball stop and good sidespin to the left to get a nice line. In your second shot you can now approach the green but aiming for the albatross here is really difficult as the fairway slopes at the middle point giving the ball a different direction from just hitting one inch more to the right or left. Aim a little to the right of the pin as the green slopes down towards the pin, this will be better when you want to get lucky for the albatross. Use some topspin to get uphill here.”

  9. Hole #5 and Hole #6 are switched in the tournament. It messed me up a bit on qualifying. Other than that, I appreciate everything you do : ) .

  10. I’m “assuming” this is for Pro/Expert, from the middle tee box, because I didn’t see any mention of which division this is for.

  11. It would make sense to specify that your Spring Major guide is for Pro of Master. Theres no way you are able to rough bump hole 2 with a Sniper 10 in Rookie, it’s much to long a club for that from 1st T.

  12. I notice I’m not the only person to make this comment about you not specifying what division the guide is for. Please address that issue.

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