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Oliver Anthony, Rich Men North of Richmond, Part 1 – Raw Live Stream Reaction w/ addeed comments.

This is my original response to hearing this song without any knowledge of the artist or the music. It was recommended by a channel member and I was only told that he turned down an 8 million dollar record deal to remain independent and that his videos had 33 Million views in two weeks. This information compelled me to listen to the song in the middle of my stream. Given the artistry, sound, voice, delivery, and lyrical explosions that shattered the barriers to conversations on the topics mentioned, I felt compelled to react. This is my first reaction to anything. Please subscribe to the channel and help us continue to grow it is absolutely free and clicking that button means the world to us. Thank you for helping support the channel. All links are listed below.

Part two will be about what I learned after doing some research on Christopher Anthony Lunsford (Oliver Anthony), his music, and his reasoning behind his music and the decisions that he made in regards to it. I will also discuss the reactions of people from all walks of life that I have been watching and the overall sentiment that is being shared. This may surprise many people.

Part three will be the final chapter for this series and I will cover in depth the many different ways that I relate to a lot of the things that are discussed in Chris’s music as a whole. This video will be deep. I am going to share some very personal moments in my life and in the lives of friends and family. These moments are not easy to talk about and they will not be easy to listen to. I am doing this as a “tip of the hat” to Chris who had the courage and conviction to stay true to himself and share his story with the world. I hope that through sharing my stories I might be able to reach one person and help them overcome some of the harshness of life. As uncomfortable as sharing personal moments of my life will be, if I have only a small but positive impact on someone’s life then it will be worth it. Sometimes life requires sacrificing our own comfort in order help others and if more people were willing to do this then a lot less people would have to suffer alone.

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