Perfect Shot Every Time Guide in Golf Clash

golf clash perfect shot guide

So you have just done a lot of adjustment to where your ball will land,  adjusted the wind, set some curl and you’re so sure you’re going to make a great hit, but then… you miss the perfect point to hit and everything is going down the toilet (metaphorically).

Aiming your shots in Golf Clash is one thing, hitting is another ????

While aiming depends a lot on experience and how well you know your equipment and how to adjust to wind – hitting the ball is straightforward a reaction game where you need a perfect moment to make your aiming plans come true.

While making a perfect shot under regular conditions might get easier and you’ll get better, when the ball is in the rough or sand or you need to overpower it, taking a perfect shot will get incredibly more difficult in Golf Clash.

perfect shot on overpowered shot

Guess what, here’s a simple tactic that will help you out.

A Perfect Shot In Golf Clash – Every Single Time?!

I’m not kidding you, there’s a way that will drastically improve the rate of perfect shots.

Most of the time you will time your shots, you will look at the swinging arrow and miatch it with the center bullseye where you need to land it.

The human brain doesn’t connect visual indications that well with reactions, so the problem is that by the time you see the arrow being in the right position, you will need to react and that’s the time when you will miss it.

For regular shots that’s ok but when the arrow is faster (in the rough/sand or by overpowering shots), this short time to react from your brain is simply too much and it starts getting a guessing game – and I always say that guessing is the worst strategy out there 😉

Here’s a better way.

Connect it with an acoustical indication instead – I’ll tell you how to do it in a second… Why is acoustic better than visual? Well, that’s just how human brains work. Have you ever seen someone dancing to lights or movies? No, it’s always the music that will start you getting any activity.

So how do you connect it with an acoustic signal? Well, the game doesn’t play a sound every single time the arrow passes the perfect-shot-spot. Every time it will pass, you will make up a acoustic signal in your head, something like tik, beep or whatever you find good.

You don’t have to say it loud, just think it in your head.

golf clash perfect shot guide

Now you will wait until the arrow passed the perfect hit spot at least 6-10 times and focus completely on the rhythm instead of watching the error and then release your shot at the perfect point.

For practice reasons, close your eyes after 10 times and keep doing the ticking in your head – if you open your eyes a few seconds later you see that this rhythm is so valid in your head that you can even continue it with closed eyes.

This is why this strategy works pretty well (and as you’re only doing it in your head others won’t think you’re a lunatic) ????

Hope this helps, leave a comment below if you have anything to say about this 🙂

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