Shootout Holes & Tips To Win The Shootouts

golf clash shootout guide & holes

The higher the Tour you play gets in Golf Clash, the more common shootouts will become to determine the winner. Tour 8/9+ I’d say half of all matches are settled by a shootout and so your win rate (and therefore your progress and Coins you get) is determined how well you perform in the shootouts.

That’s reason enough for me to write this full guide to give you some tips for the shootouts as well as showing you all the shootout holes that you will come across and the best strategy to approach every single one of them.

General Shootout Tips

How Are Shootout Holes Chosen?

When you and your opponent will need the same number of hits to finish, that’s a tie and the shootout will be the tiebreaker – winning the shootout after that will win you the match.

Winning the shootout just requires you to get closer to the pin than your opponent in one shot.

So, there’s no clear order or any other thing than pure randomness to determine what hole will be the shootout hole for your match (except the Tour you’re playing). Still, not every hole is a shootout hole so you can practice them and you will fast catch them up – normally the ones that you can reach the green in one shot are the shootout holes.

The learning here is: you can’t prepare any other than knowing all the shootout holes, there’s no way to know what hole you will get as the shootout hole in Golf Clash.

Advantage Of Second

If you’re playing second you’re in a clear advantage – you can see everything your opponent does, including the spin and wind adjustment he’s applying and you see the result and can easily copy that and optimize it to get closer to the hole.

I can only recommend you to do that when you’re going second and it’s pretty much a foolproof strategy to win the shootout and you opponent can’t do anything about it except playing a crazy shot with curl and overpowering.

If you’re first you should do exactly that – do a shot that can’t be easily copied by overpowering so your opponent needs to set an own setup and might fail to get closer to the pin.

All Shootout Holes For Each Tour

Tour 9 Shootouts

Greenoch Point Hole 1

tour 9 shootout greenoch point hole 1

In this shootout hole you need to bounce it on the rough right between the two bunkers. You want to set up max sidespin to the left to make the ball roll towards the pin and you should get something below 10 yards every time. Wind adjustment is also important so set 1-2 bars of backspin with any wind except tailwind, then you should set about 3 of backspin.

Greenoch Point Hole 3

tour 9 shootout greenoch point hole 1

In this shootout hole you have two options that you can play. I use the left side when I have to go first because curl is not that easy to copy or when I have strong tailwind. You will play both of them by bouncing the rough over the bunker, the left one with a lot of curl and sidespin and the right one only with sidespin. If you play the left side you want to add some backspin (2-4) depending how much the wind is from the tail or left side so you won’t come in too fast.

Greenoch Point Hole 5

tour 9 shootout greenoch point hole 5

This shootout is one of the trickiest as the rough to the fairway towards the green slopes down and will take your ball so coming in too fast is really bad here and it will go war away from the pin. Let the ball bounce at the spot that I marked you above in the image and add about 2-3 topspin in case of sidewinds or headwind. In case of tailwind add 2 backspin or you will come in too fast! You also need to set 3 sidespin and no curl at all.

Milano Hole 4

tour 9 shootout milano hole 4

If you have side winds you want to bounce on the rough right next after the bunker, this will make the ball gently roll on the green towards the pin with about 2-3 backspin to not come in too fast.

If there’s tailwind or headwind you don’t want to risk missing the rough and land in the bunker or bounce the green too fast so you should bounce it over the island and the bunker with no backspin but with sidespin and some curl to the left.

Milano Hole 7

tour 9 shootout milano hole 7

This is also one tricky shootout here at Tour 9 and you will need to make this tricky rough bounce no matter what wind you have. Add 2-3 backspin if you have headwind, 3-4 backspin for side winds and 5 backspin for tailwind without any other adjustments and focus on adjusting to the wind well enough to really bounce the rough.

Southern Pines Hole 2

tour 9 shootout southern pines hole 2

There are two ways to approach this shootout. In case of tailwind you want to bounce on the left side of the fairway over the bunker with max sidespin and some curl.

Otherwise you want to take the right bounce over the bunker and the fairway with 1 backspin and some sidespin to adjust to wind.

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