Get These Clubs In Golf Clash (Upgrading Guide)

best clubs in golf clash

A player is never better than his equipment and especially in Golf Clash, that is right.

I see so many people getting a new club and dumping so many coins into upgrading them just for finding out that they aren’t that great after all – a horrible situation!

Don’t regret wasting coins, simply focus on the right clubs! ????

Easier said than done, right? So this is why I created this guide here that will tell you the perfect strategy which clubs to take and upgrade – especially when you’re waiting to unlock a specific club.

I promise you this will save you a ton of coins and trouble without leaving you in a weaker spot.

This guide is updated with the recent balancing changes to the clubs!

Upgrading Clubs in Gold Clash


So the easiest strategy would be to keep the clubs you get early in Golf Clash and then wait until you get the best one… but this won’t work.

You’ll barely be able to finish Tour 6+ without upgrading so my strategy is upgrading the right clubs moderately until you get the club(s) of your dreams.

If you see the list below you will understand what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

best clubs in golf clash

How To Max Out Clubs Faster

Often people want to max out one specific club exclusively, the Extra Mile is a good example because it will be useful for pretty much all the Tours until Tour 9.

It’s early available so playing a low tour will have a much higher chance to drop cards for that club… good strategy?

No! Do NOT play lower tours to get specific club cards! Unlocking these chests will take exactly as much time as on higher tours but have fewer cards and coins, you will slow your progress down!

These Are Your Best Clubs in Golf Clash

I could easily make you a bullet list here, but I think it’s important you understand why I ranked these clubs the way I did and it will help you understand how my strategy works.

If you get your hands on one of the clubs shown below you can be sure that they are worth upgrading and using in your golf bag ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Drivers

You will get the Extra Mile pretty early in Golf Clash and it has a great range so you can invest some upgrades here and use it until you get either Thor’s Hammer or Apocalypse. For me Level 7 was enough but depending how long it takes to get one of the other ones you might need an additional upgrade if you see that you will not be able to compete with your opponents.

best driver in golf clash

Thor’s Hammer is better than the Extra Mile and if you get it quite early you can swap it in until you get the Apocalypse. You can get Thor’s Hammer in Tour 6 while the Apocalypse is your ultimate goal and can be unlocked at Tour 7. If your other clubs are upgraded well and you don’t have major difficulties beating in Tour 6 you can think about skipping Thor’s Hammer and wait for unlocking the Apocalypse

Ultimately the Apocalypse is the driver you’re finally going for with an outstanding range and precision.

Best Woods

In Tour 2 you can unlock the Viper which is a very solid wood to have in Golf Clash and you can upgrade it fairly high until you can unlock the Sniper in Tour 6. On top of that, you really want to work on the Big Dawg as well because there are certain holes, especially in tournaments, that will require some more distance that the Viper won’t give you.

golf clash best woods


This is a long way to go but ignore the other woods you unlock along that way and stick to the Viper for another reason – the Sniper is better but you will need to upgrade it to Level 9 to make its stats catch up with the other woods so you will play the Viper a long time and it’s worth every upgrade.

Best Short Irons

To be honest, all short irons in the beginner tours in Golf Clash are not worth a dime so only upgrade a little when you see you have big difficulties with them.

best short irons in golf clash

The first short iron really worth it is the Thorn that you can unlock at Tour 4 and that’s one that is worth keeping along with the Hornet. The Hornet has a slight higher precision but I also find the thorn comes in very handy and I simply had the coins to upgrade both. Still, the Thorn has such an amazing backspin that you will also have some situations in the later tours and especially in tournaments for it that you should not ignore keeping it leveled up!

Update! With the recent buff of the Kingfisher you also can take that instead of the Hornet, but if you worked already in the Hornet you should not change that.

Best Long Iron

Actually there are only 3 Long Irons that are solid while the others aren’t worth the time and the coins.

golf clash best long iron


You will start getting the Goliath and this will be the long iron you will use for quite some time until you get your hands on enough cards for the Backbone. The Goliath will still be viable because of the distance for you but the Backbone simply has the better accuracy that you really need in many situations, especially when approaching the pin in tournaments.

End-game player then will start going for the Saturn because of the additional spin and curl that is useful but for me the Backbone will be one of your oldest friends in your bag in Golf Clash ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Wedges

Here it will be quite starightforward. The Dart is the club you will unlock really early and that will carry you as a wedge through the tours up to Tour 7 easily.


From here the Skewer will become the better one and actually also one that you can use in the end-game. I personally would try to keep the Dart on maxed and wait until unlocking the Rapier, which is the go-to wedge for everyone Tour 10+

Best Rough Iron

When it comes to rough irons, the choices are not looking very well in Golf Clash.

The Roughcutter is the first “real” Rough Iron you will get and probably use until hitting Tour 7 or Tour 8. I don’t like the other ones actually so don’t mess around here.

golf clash best rough iron


After that the Razor will become a very solid option and probably the Rough Iron you want to keep. If you want to save some coins you can also keep the Roughcutter and skip the way until you have access to the Nirvana, the Rough Iron practically everyone is using at Tour 9+

Best Sand Wedges

I’ll recommend you to not mind the sand wedges you get until Tour 3 where you can get the Malibu, a very solid sand wedge. It hasn’t that great distance but the accuracy is really helpful to keep it.

best sand wedges in golf clash

In the end, you want to go after the Spit Fire but this will only unlock at Tour 7 and it will take ages to level up so the Malibu is the best sand wedge for 99% of you reading this ๐Ÿ™‚


The best clubs are the ones you can unlock in the highest tours – no surprise. The good news is, there are also clubs in the early tours that will serve you will until you can unlock them and you shouldn’t think that a specific club you can unlock at Tour 5 will be necessarily better than a one you got at Tour 3. If you stick to the plan above, you will have solids clubs that will serve you will on your road to unlock the best clubs for each category and save you bags of coins.

If you have anything to add or adjust, please leave a comment below ๐Ÿ™‚


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