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The Golden Shot Guide – January 13th

Every here and than the Golden Shot event hosts in Golf Clash and you can win some nice prizes there – the problem is, you onle have one free shot and from there on you will need to pay real money for additional shots.

Even though the prizes are nice, you can potentially miss a shot and throw money out of the window so I thought I will write you this guide to help you out making the most out of the Golden Shot (no matter if you pay for additinal takes or you only use your one free hit).

golden shot free shot

Golden Shot December 30th, 2019

Below you will find some more general tips to help you out with getting the Golden Shot right but I also have here some tips for the current Golden Shots (that I update with every Golden Shot as well).

Golden Shot Guide (Normal) – Sakura Hills

golf clash golden shot january 13th medium mode aim

For this hole I found this to be the best landing position with the blue ring touching the fringe and the left bunker and the white ring touching the right bunker.

This is the aim that you will use before adding any spin. When you have set that right you can add the spin you need.

Now let’s add the backspin which is between 3.5 bars (straight tailwind) and 2.5 bars (straight headwind) – adjust that depending on how strong the wind is from the front or the back. In general if you stick between those numbers you won’t have many troubles coming in too hot or too short.

Sidespin is primarily for adjusting the wind from the side:

  • No sidewind at all – do 0.5 bars of sidespin to the left
  • Sidewind from the right side: up to 1.5 bars of sidespin to the right
  • Sidewind from the left side: up to 1.5 bars of sidespin to the left

Now you need to find the balance in between depending how the wind direction is mixed 🙂

Lastly for wind adjustment you will need to adjust one ring per 1.5 wind (wind 6.0 means 4 rings adjustment) – but with the strong downhill you need to over-adjust 20% extra!!!

Golden Shot (Hard) – Koh Hong Resorts

golf clash golden shot january 13th hard mode aimI was pretty sure we’re going to get this hole for the Golden Shot simply because it’s quite nasty to play with that strong downhill part.

So, if you want to score close to the pin or get the hole-in-one you will need to aim straight towards the pin and everything from there is about getting the power right.

Aiming will be about that spot where the white ring touches the green and the bunkers, as you can see in my image here.

You will use max backspin in every case except if you have strong straight headwind, then you “only” use 4 bars of backspin.

Sidespin is also not that complicated because you won’t use any sidespin if there’s no wind from the side. If the wind comes straight from the side you use max 1 bar of sidespin in the opposing directions. (e.g. straight wind from the left means 1 bar sidespin to the left, a little bit of wind from the left side means 0.5 bars of sidespin to the left, etc.)

Lastly for wind adjustment you will need to adjust one ring per 1.5 wind (wind 6.0 means 4 rings adjustment) – but with the strong downhill you need to over-adjust 20% extra!!!

Good luck with the shots 🙂

What’s The Golden Shot All About

win golden shot onyx chestBasically you will have to prove that you’re able to land a great shot with just a little preparation on point, so you have to use clubs that you normally won’t use (the Golden Clubs) and you will have to fight some rough conditions with win between 5 and 8.

Still, landing here is possible with the right strategy and this is what I’m going to show you now 🙂

Prepare For The Golden Shot

In my opinion success in the Golden Shot is pretty much staying focused and calm while knowing what you do.

Remember, you only have 30 seconds to execute your shot so you don’t want to waste much time and do everything you need to do BEFORE you start the Golden Shot!

golden long iron

When looking at your clubs, you will very likely want to use the Golden Long Iron for the shot and you have the stats there to prepare your shot – you don’t know the exact conditions but you know that you will have to counter some heavy wind and that’s the first step.

To help you out here’s already how many rings you will need to adjust

Table 1
Club Ring(s) Per 1.0 Wind To Move
Golden Driver 0.75
Golden Wood 0.5
Golden Short Iron 0.7
Golden Long Iron 0.6
Golden Wedge 0.4

*Please mind I rounded these numbers for easier use*

This table means, if you use the Long Iron and have wind force 6.0, you will need to move your marker 6*0.6=3.6 rings.

If you don’t know how adjusting the wind works, please refer to my wind chart guide that will tell you how to adjust any wind here.

So, having that number in mind is helping a lot because you only need to multiply that with the wind you will have to land the ball in the rings for your Golden Chest.

Execute The Golden Shot

Now you want to be quick! You want to adjust the wind as fast as possible because you will need to hit the perfect shot to score and you really don’t want to need to hurry at that point.

Use the above number to adjust the rings (multiply it with the wind strength and move your rings against the direction of the wind.

Also, I always add some backspin (1 bar) to my ball before hitting, this help landing it calm in the flat.

golden shot spin

Now it’s time to hit the ball…

I prefer the method where I get into the rhytm of the ticker (I described it here more in detail here) but it’s up to you – in the end try to do your best to actually hit the perfect shot, I can’t say that often enough.

perfect shot in golden shot

Pay For More Shots?

Well, rewards are very nice but in the end they’re random like any other chest is so I personally don’t like to spend any real-world dineros for some additinal shots (also because one shot costs about one dollar) – I stick to my free shot.

Also don’t think it gets easier when you do multiple shots… the wind will change so you can’t “trial and error” yourself to the best chest, you will need to do all of this over and over again with each shot and potentially even miss it and flushed money down the toilet 😉

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