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Ultimate Golf | BIG Shot, Tour 5 & Pro Division Golf Royale Tips & Strategy for all gameplay types

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In Today’s video I will be playing Tour 5 for the first time ever! tour 5 is called The Moonshot Tour. During my play I will be discussing my strategy on what type of balls I use and What clubs I use. I will be giving players new and experienced a strategy when it comes to the tiebreaker. You will also see me play a big shot event in which I talk about a strategy there as well especially if you buy the three balls for $1.99 which is a great value. I will also play pro division royale event. During the event I will go into how to perfect the quick shot when using your rough iron so that you Can hit as many balls as possible with accuracy within that two minute window. I also cover how the events work for any new players to the game. I will also ramble on about other things during the video lol hopefully you like my accountant and you will subscribe to the channel but most importantly hit the blue link below to download the game for free and give it a try.

 Download Ultimate Golf for Free:

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