Use Curl In Golf Clash Correctly

I already made a guide on how to adjust to wind in Golf Clash and also how to use the spin – and the last guide in this section will be about curling.

So, first of all, not many use curl actually and it’s not that obvious to use like for example adjusting the wind – but it is actually quite easy to use and also handy in a lot of situations – and that’s what this guide here is all about 🙂

What’s Curl?

Curl doesn’t change the place of impact in Golf Clash, that’s the most important thing. If we take the same hits and one is without curl and the other is with curl, both balls will land on the exact same spot (in a no-wind situation).

golf clash curl hit

To curl, simply drag your ball left or right when hitting it and release it as you normally would.

Curl is nothing else than giving the ball a different route to fly through the air and respectively how it will change the direction after landing. Let me show you visually:

golf clash curl explained

As you can see, the ball will go left (when curling left when hitting it) or right (when curling right).

When you have wind, you still need to keep in mind that the ball is longer in the air than without curling so the wind has a longer impact on the ball and you will need to adjust more than you normally would!

Why Curling?!

Now the big question… why doing that?

Well, there are actually several situations where you can’t get a straight line towards the hole, either because the green is shaped in a way that doesn’t favor your hitting point or there’s an obstacle in the pathway.

using curl situation

In the above situation hitting the ball without curl make me risk getting the ball into water or at least on a bad zone, so using curl to the left will give it a perfectly straight way to run on the island where I have less risks and very likely a good spot to do my next hit.

There are countless of situations where you can use curl and unless there’s heavy wind (higher than 5), I can only recommend you to try it here and there to get the right feeling for it – after all, it will make you a lot better in Golf Clash.

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