What’s Accuracy In Golf Clash?

golf clash accuracy

Let’s talk about accuracy for a moment because I’ve heard some really weird things about it lately and thought it will be helful for you guys if I will post about it.

Accuracy is one of the key stats in Golf Clash and you really need to understand it to actually know what club to use and how to adapt to wind.

If heard several players saying that accuracy will slow down the meter when timing your shot, but that’s NOT true – accuracy is about aiming your shots!

What Accuracy Really Does

When you target your shot in Gold Clash, you will see the rings around the spot where you want to land it (and those riings will help you adjust to wind, but that’s another story you can read about here)

Now looking at the inner ring, the yellow one, this is the area where you ball will land.

Let’s assume we have a 0 wind situation and we make a perfect shot, the ball will never land in the exact spot where you will see it, it will always land inside the yellow ring.

Explaining accuracy might get easier when you look at this image that compares the Extra Mile and the Sniper, two different clubs that have different accuracy:

golf clash accuracy difference


As you can see clearly here, the rings on the left side (Extra Mile, lower accuracy) are bigger than the ones of the Sniper (right side, high accuracy).

So no matter how perfect you will hit the ball in that shot, you will always have some more or less variance from that spot (unless you really have accuracy 100 from your club).

There’s just a difference in how much that will be.

So how is this important?

Well, primarily to accept the fact that no matter how perfect you will line up your shot and plan it, adjust to wind and hot the perfect shot button – there’s always some other thing that can go wrong to keep the game somewhat exciting among players of the same skill level.

You can now say this is not okay or not but that’s how it works and how it’s implemented in Golf Clash and the best thing to do is to accept it and do your best play 🙂

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